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A winning Wednesday in the middle of the system gave the affiliates a 3-2 record.
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When an irresistible force collides with an immovable object, it's a sight to see.

This is not that.
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Buffalo, New Hampshire, Vancouver and Dunedin all found the win column Tuesday. The Complex League teams did not.
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I warned you about these guys. Believe me now?

Every once in a while, I'm not wrong.
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It would be more fun if this was the major leagues but instead it's the Dunedin Blue Jays no-hitting the Tampa Yankees. Four pitchers combined on the no-hitter. Normally Estiven Machado hitting a grand slam would make top billing but he had to settle for number two behind the no-hitter. Buffalo had six pitchers combine to shutout the Mets. Andres Sosa had a big day for Vancouver to help them win. New Hampshire were on the losing end.
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Nathan Lukes drove in four runs and Nick Podkul had four hits in Buffalo's win, the only win for the affiliates. New Hampshire lost a close, low scoring game. Trenton Wallace walked too many in Vancouver's loss. Dunedin and the FCL Jays also lost.
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It was Ricky Tiedemann night for New Hampshire and it wasn't a good start. His defense didn't help but he allowed four hits in just over two innings before he was removed from the game. It was a forgettable night for New Hampshire. Buffalo had good pitching from Ross Stripling and Julian Merryweather, and others, and that got them a win. Dunedin had lots of hits, enough for a win. Vancouver had an eighth inning blow up that cost them the game.
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It's nice to go travelling, but it's oh so nice to come home.
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Dunedin's lineup has plenty of fresh players and they made it count on Thursday putting up eight runs for the win. Buffalo, New Hampshire Vancouver and the FCL Jays came out on the losing end of their games. A new hitter in the FCL, Tucker Toman has had a hot start to his career.
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Buffalo got the only win Wednesday.
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Maybe ten years from now - no one can know exactly when - the last player born in the 1980s will play in his final major league game. We don't when and we don't know who. It could be someone like Giancarlo Stanton or George Springer - players born at the very end of the decade, and quite possibly good enough to play into their 40s. It could be some random relief pitcher who just goes on and on and on. Maybe some minor leaguer will suddenly develop a hellacious knuckleball, and pitch for bad teams (always the only teams that ever give knuckleballers a chance) until he's 46 or so.
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Buffalo and Dunedin won with the D-Jays getting lots of contributions from the 2022 draft class. New Hampshire and Vancouver lost.
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After splitting two games with the Rays down in Tampa, and then splitting four games with the Twins over in Minneapolis, whether or not the Jays come home with a winning record on this road trip come down to three games with the Orioles in Bal'mer.
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On a day when New Hampshire were crushed, Dunedin were uncompetitive and Buffalo were unable to complete their game, it was PK Morris who hit a three run home run for Vancouver to turn a 2-1 deficit into a 4-2 lead. Gabriel Martinez and Damiano Palmegiani also homered in the game while Jimmy Robbins pitched well.
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After a big game on Friday, Cam Eden had another big game on Saturday. His hitting and base stealing were key to New Hampshire's win. Andres Sosa had a big night too, for Vancouver this time as they won a close game. Buffalo and Dunedin lost.
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