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In my mind
and nailed to my heels
All the time
killing what I feel
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I've been thinking about who is the face of the Jays now - Vlad or Bo depending on personal preference I figure. But what about over time?
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This day might be Shakespeare's birthday (he was christened on the 26th, and it used to be the custom to wait three days just to make sure the infant survived long enough to bother.) It's definitely the day he died, 52 years later.
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Weren't the Red Sox supposed to be bad this year? Did they not get the memo?
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I thought I'd look at the Earl Weaver Clause in the official rule book. It's some windy baseball lore, for a day with no baseball.
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We don't care
We're driving Cadillacs in our dreams
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The Bronx Bombers are coming to town! Okay, not this town, but a town.
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It's the home opener, in Florida. The Angels come in to play four games. The Jays have been very hit and miss so far, what will this series bring?
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Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas....
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No more fooling around as the Blue Jays open their 2021 season in the Bronx. #BlueJays
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Now we arrive at the big one.
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Of all the divisions in the American League, this one had the best winning percentage?
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It's Shohei Ohtani's world and we are just living in it.
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Mets gotta Mets...
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All in on the Pirates, baby!
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