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Four wins and one loss on Friday. Buffalo were the only losers. Even with four wins there were few big performances as the affiliates used a few key hits and some good pitching.
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Addison Barger had three more hits bringing his average up to .538. We know it wont last but its an impressive start in AA. Barger struck out almost 40% of the time last season which seriously impacted his prospect status. He cut that down to 30% in Vancouver and now in three games in AA he has three K's in 13 at bats. That leaves his BABIP at .700, unsustainable but nevertheless a fine start.

They say if you watch baseball you can see something new every night. Well I did on Thursday. In the Bisons game, ninth inning, Bisons down 3-2 with two outs but the tying run is on third. Pitcher throws a ball in the dirt that the catcher blocks but it rolls away from him. He takes off the mask as he goes for the ball but the mask hits the baseball. That's called a catchers balk and the runner scores. I don't remember seeing that before. I also saw three batters getting hit in a tied game in the ninth inning, that's a new one too.

It was close games day for the affiliates. Buffalo won in extra innings. Dunedin lost in extras. Vancouver walked it off in the bottom of the ninth while New Hampshire won by two.

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It looks like about half of the Omaha Storm Chasers will also be coming to town.
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Buffalo and Vancouver were your Wednesday winners. New Hampshire was shutout again and Dunedin dropped a doubleheader.
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Buffalo and New Hampshire lost by six but Vancouver won by seven. Dunedin's game in St. Lucie was rained out. They will try to play two today.
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When you've lost 9 of 10, you need to draw a line somewhere. But where?

Let's ask the Captain.
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Vancouver hitters racked up 14 hits to deliver the only win on the farm on Sunday. New Hampshire hit four home runs and lost.
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Spencer Horwitz was a triple short of the cycle for Buffalo. Unfortunately his teammates could only pick up one hit. New Hampshire hit three home runs on the way to a win. Vancouver just had one dinger but they also won. And finally Dunedin hit two home runs for another win.

We have some detailed pitching numbers for Dahian Santos and Eric Pardinho.

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After a losing day yesterday the top tier got back on the winning side on Friday. Buffalo and New Hampshire were the only winners. It was Ricky T day for Vancouver. If Ricky was wondering what it would be like to pitch in the major leagues he got a taste of it in the first inning when rehabbing Mariner Kyle Lewis took him deep on the first pitch he saw for a two run home run. Tiedemann and Yosver Zulueta are headed to the futures game. Both need to tighten their repertoires before that game.
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Tough night on the farm, everyone lost. Time for something to distract us from the on field performance. How about mid-season report cards, as we are at the halfway point of the season. Its not happy reading for Blue Jay fans and so does not provide much distraction.
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You've got to pay your dues
if you want to sing the blues
and you know it don't come easy

Happy 82nd, Sir Richard Starkey.
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Buffalo split a doubleheader, New Hampshire and Dunedin won big and Vancouver threw one out of the window.
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Buffalo and New Hampshire lost and Dunedin won in a rain-shortened affair. The real 4th of July fireworks came in the Pacific Northwest as Vancouver won a wild one in Everett.
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It might be a good time for a road trip.
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The affiliates only played two games on Sunday. Games in Vancouver and Florida were rained out. Buffalo and New Hampshire both had bullpen meltdowns.
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