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Ah, the poor Jays. The bats are struggling. Could they be afraid? Is it time to summon the spirit of Mighty Jobu, with appropriate offerings of cigar and rum, to take the fear from the bats?

Or should we first see how they do against a bunch of pitchers who really don't have a whole lot of business being on a major league roster?
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Vancouver scored six runs in the second inning and never looked back. Dunedin went up 4-0 and held on for a one run win. Buffalo were down 5-1 but came back to win. New Hampshire were down early as Luis Quinones struggled and could not get back into the game.
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A grand slam home run by Vinny Capra was enough to get the win for New Hampshire. A three run home run from Danny Jansen was not enough for Buffalo. A two run shot by PK Morris in the ninth got the win for Dunedin. A solo shot by Spencer Horwitz couldn't stop Vancouver from taking a loss. In the FCL Rikelbin De Castro hit his first home run. Another hitter who had been scuffling, Orelvis Martinez, had his second multi hit game in a row.
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The Bisons were two hit. New Hampshire managed five hits. Dunedin lost in eleven innings. It was left to Vancouver to salvage the night for the affiliates. The C's scored a run in the top of the ninth with a home run to get the win.
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It's the other half of 2021's six games with the Tigers, all happening within ten days with only the four games with the White Sox in between.
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A couple of Canadians led the way on Thursday. Tanner Kirwer had three hits as New Hampshire had the bats going, fifteen hits in all. In addition to the hitting, good pitching from Nick Fraze helped secure the win. Vancouver were another team that brought out the lumber as they hit double digits in hits and scored eight runs in their win. Dunedin's Dasan Brown was the star for Dunedin in a close win. Buffalo's Zach Logue didn't have it and Buffalo lost.
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The Blue Jays affiliates were nearly swept Wednesday.
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New Hampshire was the only winner on the farm Tuesday.
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Itís awfully considerate of you
to think of me here
And Iím most obliged to you for making it clear
that Iím not here

Because I'm not, you know. My body is elsewhere, probably up to no good.
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One win out of three games on the farm. Buffalo dominated Syracuse with Logan Warmoth leading a parade of hitters. Both Vancouver and Dunedin were down early and couldn't come back. New Hampshire were hurricaned out.
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Buffalo were one hit and shut out. New Hampshire had two hits through six innings before getting a grand slam in the seventh. They still lost. Dunedin had no hits through five innings but came back to win with a walk off ninth. Vancouver had just four hits but won behind a good start from Adam Kloffenstein.
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Buffalo received excellent pitching and won. Chavez Young drove in three runs for New Hampshire but the bullpen blew up late. Vancouver won behind CJ Van Eyk. Dunedin scored a run in the ninth to tie the game and a run in the tenth to win. The FCL Jays won with Dahian Santos pitching well.
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I was born lonely
down by the riverside
Learned to spin fortune wheels
and throw dice

You're probably thinking - that sneaky old Magpie. Gives us thousands of words yesterday on the Tigers of the past because he's got nothing to say about the Tigers of today.
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Trent Palmer threw a seven inning no hitter for Dunedin. He had ten strikeouts for a top level performance. Palmer's no hitter came in game two of a doubleheader and helped Dunedin split the twin bill. Buffalo, on the other hand, lost both ends of their doubleheader. With Smith and Lopez getting promoted this week, the offense struggled in the two games. New Hampshire won with Samad Taylor homering and Maximo Castillo pitching seven innings. Vancouver hit back to back to back jacks in their first inning and cruised to a win.
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When I was a little wee nipper, about eleven years old, I went exploring in an old trunk I found in the garage. And I found three battered old books. I rescued them, and read them, over and over.
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