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Let's dig into some projection systems for this team as we near the end of winter. I figure it is about time as the team is unlikely to change much now. I figure this is the best way to cause a trade/free agent signing to happen. Putting this together now when all seems quiet.
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Three hundred comments? It's January!
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Sorry, couldn't resist the misleading title.
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Now that the top 30 is done, lets talk about some other guys in the system. We will start with the players who dropped off the 2023 list.
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On to the top 10.
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The middle 10 of our top 30 prospects is a real mix of players, from newly drafted pitchers to several players in AAA.
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Welcome to the Blue Jays top 30 list for another year. It was a quiet year on the farm which is not always a good thing. Among the prospects, just one member of last year's top 30 was traded, that being Sem Robberse. Just one graduated, Davis Schneider. That leaves 28 players from last year's list and 18 of them are repeating on this list, which leaves room for twelve new prospects. As usual, there is always significant debate around the names on this list. While most of the top 20 would be on every top 30 list, there are a host of candidates for the bottom part of the list. Some are hanging on based on draft positioning or hopes of finding again the spark that made them stand out a few years ago. Then, on the other hand, are those who have had a good year in the lower minors where there are questions regarding their ability to repeat that at higher levels. Speaking of looking at previous years performances....
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The Jays are not winning the offseason at this stage, but can add parts to win the East still. Needs are a DH and a 3B (ideally DH is LH) and maybe a 4th OF if you don't trust Schneider/Biggio/kids to cover that. With the old thread well over 200 comments, time for a new one.
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OK, this is getting silly and it is time for a new thread anyways. The team clearly needed offense going into the offseason and what have they added this winter? Defense.
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With not just free agents, but some of our own home grown stars this is becoming a big question for the Jays - do you lock in a player for a decade or do you say 'screw it'?
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Fangraphs has published the Jays top 31 prospects. You can read it here.
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Whoa. New thread is required.

I haven't really been paying attention. (It's December, folks.) Anything interesting going on?
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The winter meetings have started. There are a few official meetings but many one on one meetings between teams and between teams and agents. There are few very good free agent hitters so will trades be a bigger part of the meetings than in the past?
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BA published their top 10 prospects today. As expected Ricky Tiedemann tops the list.
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Traditions are traditions, even silly ones.
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