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Getting down to the wire for free agents now - will the Jays get any bargains? Roughly $10-20 mil to spend (maybe more if they can make a case to ownership ala Beeston back in the 90's with Clemens).
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The Jays have acquired Randall Grichuk from the Cardinals for Conner Greene and Dominic Leone.
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This has been a slow winter for off field activities so here is some diversion.

It is August 2nd, 2018. The Blue Jays are one game back of a wildcard spot. They cannot catch the Red Sox who are in first place.

You are in the midst of an injury crisis. Justin Smoak and Kendrys Morales have just gone down with injuries that will keep them out for six to eight weeks, they might or might not be back for the end of the season. Steve Pearce was traded in the off-season so your options for first base from your current roster are Yangervis Solarte or Curtis Granderson.

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This would've been really something about six years ago...
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With the old thread getting long in the tooth, time for a new one and with arbitration figures out there we can do a better estimate of the Jays payroll 'as is' for 2018.
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The Blue Jays continued to build their infield depth by trading for Yangervis Solarte.
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Bauxite rabbit has penned an article projecting the Jays performance. Let him know what you think in the comments.

With no shortage of opinion on the Jaysí direction this off-season, is it possible to develop a common view of the team and potential roster decisions? To further the conversation, I simulated the 2018 season using a model that accounts for variable player performance. Simulate next season 100 times and you get team win probabilities. I wonít oversell the results, but I think this type of tool helps evaluate where we stand and the key choices ahead. Hereís a simple explanation of what I did and what it means.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who celebrate being a fan of the Blue Jays, and of course to all readers here. May 2018 fulfill your baseball dreams.
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Just for fun I thought I'd check highest salaries ever in MLB and then check what MLB's overall revenue has been. For players it isn't pretty since 2000 but pre-2000 it would be beautiful for them.
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BA has released their top ten prospects. There is at least one surprise.
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The baseball winter meetings seem to be a week late this year. The off-season has been quiet up until Friday. With Shohei Ohtani signing, Giancarlo Stanton traded and free agents starting to sign, the pace of moves is picking up. The rule 5 draft will end the meetings.
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Because scrolling through 250+ comments on a phone sized screen occasionally gets old, on occasion
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The Hall of Fame ballot is out. Let the arguing commence.
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Its been quiet so far this winter but is that unusual? Lets look at past winter trades.
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Now that the top 30 is on the record for another year, I thought I would give you some more stats and details on the list.
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