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The winter meetings have started. There are a few official meetings but many one on one meetings between teams and between teams and agents. There are few very good free agent hitters so will trades be a bigger part of the meetings than in the past?
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BA published their top 10 prospects today. As expected Ricky Tiedemann tops the list.
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Traditions are traditions, even silly ones.
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Well, some players are signing but not many. Yamamoto is officially on the market now which should help push things a bit.
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It is the quiet season, particularly for the minor leagues. Your minor league team has started to look at the top 30 list to be published in January and as usual there is great uncertainty at the bottom of the list. So I thought it would be fun to throw out some names that could be on the list, or were on the list last season, to see if there is a box consensus.
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The season is over, the Rangers won it all - sigh. Now time for the Jays and all others to dream big about who will sign and who will be traded.
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Of course it's Texas and Arizona. Isn't that what we all predicted back in the spring?
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Once again a few Jays are up for the Gold Glove awards.... 5 players in total are among the top 3 at their position for defense (which shouldn't be a shocker this year).
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And then there were four...
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The games go on...
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Given how much time in each thread is going to this one decision I figured I'd start an entry on it.
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That was weird.
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How young are you?
How old am I
Let's count the rings
around my eyes
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It's pretty simple. Win or go home.
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The AFL started on Monday with several Blue Jays involved. Damiano Palmegiani had an excellent first game. Ricky Tiedemann is pitching tonight.
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