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Yesterday the affiliates were short of hits. On Sunday several affiliates were again not hitting, but that didn't stop the winning. Buffalo had only six hits, and lost. New Hampshire had four hits across two games but split the doubleheader. They scored six runs on three hits and two runs on one hit. Dunedin scored seven runs on five hits and won. Vancouver scored 13 runs on 13 hits and won, being the exception to the lowly hits club.
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The Jays have had trouble scoring, and hitting, and there wasn't much sign of life in the minor league bats on Saturday. In four games the affiliates had 17 hits combined. Even the pitching wasn't outstanding and the affiliates had just one win. The starter in the win, Chad Dallas, didn't get the win as he needed 87 pitches to get through four innings.
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Two walk off wins. Durham had to decide whether to pitch to Otto Lopez or Gabriel Moreno. They made the wrong choice. It was a nooner at the Nat and PK Morris sent the fans home happy with two home runs including a walk off big fly. Ricky Tiedemann pitched pretty well but was the hard luck loser for Dunedin.
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Buffalo gave up a run in the eighth to turn a 4-4 tie into a 5-4 loss. New Hampshire led 3-0 in the middle of the sixth and lost 5-3. Dunedin led 7-5 in the sixth before going down 9-7. They tied it in the bottom of the ninth before, yes you guessed, the bullpen conceded another run to lose 10-9. Vancouver avoided a bullpen implosion by getting rained out.

Read below for notes on Jordan Groshans, LJ Talley, Yosver Zulueta and Gabriel Martinez, among others.

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Road trip! It's the Toronto Blue Jays taking on the Cleveland Guardians! For the first time ever!
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Buffalo split a doubleheader and New Hampshire were winners on Wednesday. Vancouver and Dunedin both lost to give the farm system a losing record.
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Dunedin was the only winner Tuesday. New Hampshire blew a big early lead and Vancouver lost in extra innings. Buffalo's game against Durham was rained out. The Herd will play two against the Bulls Wednesday.
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Damn Yankees. Damn first-place Yankees. Evil, imperial, and winners of their last nine games. Be nice to mess with their vibe, or whatever.
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Trent Palmer threw two seven inning no hitters last season and on Sunday he threw six perfect innings. It led to the only affiliate win on the day. Pitching was lacking at the top of the system, although there was a sign of life with the bats. Now they just need to get both at the same time. Dahian Santos was another pitcher who had a big day.
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Samad Taylor took over the Buffalo game in the tenth inning and generated a win with his bat and his legs. Hits were scarce in the lower levels and to make it worse Vancouver and Dunedin made errors that contributed to their losses. Across five games the affiliates had 26 hits or an average just over five per game. Only two hitters in the system had a multi hit game. Buffalo were the only winners.
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Get ready Vancouver bauxites, Ricky Tiedemann has shown he should be there. He threw five perfect innings today with nine K's. In twenty innings this season has conceded five hits with 33 K's. His lone blemish is the ten walks but he didn't walk anyone on Friday. Dunedin shutout Bradenton. Maximo Castillo pitched well for New Hampshire and two solo home runs were enough offense. Buffalo lost but Jordan Groshans did well on his AAA debut. Vancouver were rained out.
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I can't imagine too much has changed with the Astros since we last saw them. It was just last week, after all.
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There has been a lot of ink written about Vosver Zulueta and there is a lot of anticipation around his arrival. That's a lot for a pitcher who had thrown three pitches in his pro career before Thursday. In case you forgot, Zulueta is Cuban, signed with the Jays in 2019 but then needed TJ surgery. Upon his return he tore his ACL after the aforementioned three pitches and missed the rest of 2021. He returned to live action yesterday and struck out seven in four innings. Another debutant was Dexter Fowler who had three hits for Buffalo.

Buffalo were the only winners on Thursday. Vancouver and Dunedin both lost in extra innings.

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Buffalo and New Hampshire split their doubleheaders. Vancouver and Dunedin lost.
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Vancouver won and Dunedin lost Tuesday. Buffalo's game in Worcester and New Hampshire's game against Reading were both postponed. They will play two today.
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