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These guys again.
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Road trip! It's the Toronto Blue Jays taking on the Cleveland Guardians! For the first time ever!
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In a recent thread I dug into the fun way Collins (and Hernandez) ended up here - started with a 15th round pick in 2009. But what about the rest of the roster? We always talk about how important the draft is but how did we get this lineup?
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So we know the Jays roster now (depending on last second trades of course). Past time for a new general thread and this is as good an excuse for one as any.
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Well, it seems the Jays have settled everything on the payroll front...for now with all arbitration eligible players settled.
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So how will our lineup do this year vs last? Lets dig into ZiPS (publicly available) projections to get an idea.
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Do we need a new thread?

Oh, I think we do.
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Just announced that an agreement has been reached. Hooray!

Opening Day will be April 7, the 45th anniversary of the Blue Jays first-ever game.
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Well, it is official - no first week of baseball in April - the first 2 series are cancelled now.
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This is a big question with Bo & Vlad, and the possibility of trading for Jose Ramirez among others. Lets look at history to get an idea on this.
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Things are very quiet with labor issues  hanging over MLB.  So lets start a new area for covering any oddball topics as they are bleeding into the prospects.
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The new class is getting closer and closer now. Lets look back at Jays who have gotten votes for it.
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Rogers has announced they are going to reno the Dome instead of building new at a cost of roughly $250 million.
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When I was younger I used to make 'best ever seasons' for the Jays by position (a lot easier in the 80's as there weren't many years to cover).  So what about this year?
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What's going on? Funny you should ask.
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