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As we head towards a new season I thought it would be fun to see how good/bad it can get at each position and when we had that.
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Let's dig into some projection systems for this team as we near the end of winter. I figure it is about time as the team is unlikely to change much now. I figure this is the best way to cause a trade/free agent signing to happen. Putting this together now when all seems quiet.
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Three hundred comments? It's January!
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Sorry, couldn't resist the misleading title.
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OK, this is getting silly and it is time for a new thread anyways. The team clearly needed offense going into the offseason and what have they added this winter? Defense.
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Whoa. New thread is required.

I haven't really been paying attention. (It's December, folks.) Anything interesting going on?
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The winter meetings have started. There are a few official meetings but many one on one meetings between teams and between teams and agents. There are few very good free agent hitters so will trades be a bigger part of the meetings than in the past?
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Traditions are traditions, even silly ones.
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Well, some players are signing but not many. Yamamoto is officially on the market now which should help push things a bit.
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The season is over, the Rangers won it all - sigh. Now time for the Jays and all others to dream big about who will sign and who will be traded.
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Of course it's Texas and Arizona. Isn't that what we all predicted back in the spring?
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Once again a few Jays are up for the Gold Glove awards.... 5 players in total are among the top 3 at their position for defense (which shouldn't be a shocker this year).
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And then there were four...
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The games go on...
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Given how much time in each thread is going to this one decision I figured I'd start an entry on it.
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