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I'm going to blame Eephus for this. We were shooting the virtual breeze (mostly about how challenging it can be to find something in the Archives here) and he thought an updated Blue Jays entry of the Lobby of Numbers made a bit of sense. You know, when times are hard one can always reflect on the Better Times we've had. Or the times that were even harder.
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The homestand continues this afternoon as the not-so-mighty Chicago White Sox providing the opposition.

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A six game homestand commences with a visit from the Tampa Bay Rays.
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The wounded Jays head into New York for three games. The Yankees are 6-1 with a +7 run differential as they return for their home opener. The Jays are 3-4 with a -14 differential.
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Well, time to finally get into the pitchers side of this. Wonder if any of these records (good or bad) will be broken in 2024?
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Until I start really paying attention.
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Time for a new spring training thread. A spring training that is about to get biz-zay. The Jays play 13 games in the next 11 days. There are split squad games on the next two Sundays.
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As we head towards a new season I thought it would be fun to see how good/bad it can get at each position and when we had that.
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Let's dig into some projection systems for this team as we near the end of winter. I figure it is about time as the team is unlikely to change much now. I figure this is the best way to cause a trade/free agent signing to happen. Putting this together now when all seems quiet.
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Three hundred comments? It's January!
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Sorry, couldn't resist the misleading title.
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OK, this is getting silly and it is time for a new thread anyways. The team clearly needed offense going into the offseason and what have they added this winter? Defense.
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Whoa. New thread is required.

I haven't really been paying attention. (It's December, folks.) Anything interesting going on?
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The winter meetings have started. There are a few official meetings but many one on one meetings between teams and between teams and agents. There are few very good free agent hitters so will trades be a bigger part of the meetings than in the past?
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Traditions are traditions, even silly ones.
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