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It's two teams with identical 30-27 records, and neither of them are all that happy about it. Our destination is Citi Field in the Large Apple, which is a venue where the Jays haven't won very often. Exactly twice, to be exact.
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It's yet another first place team providing the opposition.
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On the one hand, winning one of four at the Trop really isn't all that terrible.
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The homestand started out just great, but soon went all to hell. What this team needs is a road trip! Bring it on! Let's go to...
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The homestand (4-3 so far) wraps up with three games against the second place Baltimore Orioles.
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The defending AL East champs come to town. Those bad men from New York.
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So... when do the Jays get to play somebody who's not a contender, anyway?
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The road trip concludes, with a visit to the home of the defending NL champs.
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This nasty road trip continues, with a first place team up next on the schedule. That would be the... Pittsburgh Pirates?
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Road trip! Beginning in quaint little Fenway Park.
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We all remember, with horror, what happened the last time Seattle came to town. We must even endure a rematch of the Game One starters from last year's brief and painful post-season. Let us not speak of it further.
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You can't really complain about a 3-3 road trip, especially when you were visiting the defneding WS champs, who won 106 games last season, and the defending division champs, who won 99 games themselves.
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Why, it's those damn Yankees.

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Back on the road, as the Jays do play 16 of their first 22 games away from home.
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Here they come...
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