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For the first time this season, it's the Bloody Boston Red Sox.
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The Blue Jays spend the next two weeks playing Cleveland and Boston. We begin with a six game home stand, followed by a six game road trip. All very symmetrical.
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The Jays get to spend this week playing first place teams.
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Ready to stay up late?
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It's those guys again.
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The Jays begin a seven game homestand with three against the Bucs.
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This 10 game stretch against AL Central opposition concludes with three in the Windy City, beginning with the Memorial Day game this afternoon. 
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On the road again, with a seven game trip to a couple of Original Six cities. (not that there ever was an Original Six anywhere, one of those myths that has always irritated the hell out of me.)

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The last place Blue Jays, the first place Orioles. In their house. Should be fun.
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Three games with the still relatively hot Minnesota Twins, and we should see both the prospects sent out in the Jose Berrios trade.
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I don't care if they're a first place team. They're not taking two of three from the Blue Jays.
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After a less than optimal homestand, a road trip is called for. Two fourth-place teams meet for three games in the District.
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The Royals may actually be pretty good this season. It doesn't happen very often, and I know it's still early, but so far- so pretty good.
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Three games with the - do I need to actually check and be sure? I doubt it. - first place Los Angeles Dodgers.
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Four games in Kansas City, where everything's up to date.
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