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Four famous old franchises - Yankees-Red Sox and Dodgers-Cardinals - will be going in the Wild Card play-ins. Which means that by Thursday, half of these teams will be eliminated from further play.

The people who look at the game's TV rating probably feel like leaping out a high window at that but them's the breaks....
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Welcome to October. The Blue Jays have some important games to play this weekend.
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We know we have not been forsaken.
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We need you still, mighty Jobu. For we must venture into a dark and dreary place, a house that has been the setting of so much grief, so much misery.
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How are we to express our gratitude? We owe so much.
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We know who to thank for all the blessings we have enjoyed.
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We are grateful for the winning streak. We know who we must thank.
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Under no circumstances would I ever mess with a winning streak.
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Kind of a big weekend here. Let's not mess around.
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Ah, the poor Jays. The bats are struggling. Could they be afraid? Is it time to summon the spirit of Mighty Jobu, with appropriate offerings of cigar and rum, to take the fear from the bats?

Or should we first see how they do against a bunch of pitchers who really don't have a whole lot of business being on a major league roster?
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It's the other half of 2021's six games with the Tigers, all happening within ten days with only the four games with the White Sox in between.
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Itís awfully considerate of you
to think of me here
And Iím most obliged to you for making it clear
that Iím not here

Because I'm not, you know. My body is elsewhere, probably up to no good.
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I was born lonely
down by the riverside
Learned to spin fortune wheels
and throw dice

You're probably thinking - that sneaky old Magpie. Gives us thousands of words yesterday on the Tigers of the past because he's got nothing to say about the Tigers of today.
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Blowing like a circle around my skull
From the Grand Coulee Dam
to the Capitol

The end of the 2021 season's last long road trip comes into view.† Yes, after spending most of the last two years on The Longest Road trip in history, the Jays will spend most of the final six weeks at home. They have a three game trip to Detroit next week. They hit the road twice in September: once to visit New York and Baltimore, and once to visit Tampa Bay and Minnesota. They play 25 of the final 43 games in the Dome of Home.
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I'm not the only soul accused of hit and run
Tire tracks all across your back
I can see you've had your fun

The Western swing continues.
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