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Well, not a ton of stuff but what we do have is big.  Owners and players fighting over compensation for players should MLB get going again.  Also time for anew thread that is purely about what is going on now in baseball, even if it isn't much.
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MLB is doing a 'dream bracket' battle - interesting to see rosters.  I'm sure everyone here has opinions on it.
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The old thread is getting a bit long so time for a new one, plus the winter meetings start tomorrow so a perfect excuse too!
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If you havenít already, grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle in to read Magpieís thorough and excellent Blue Jays report card. Once youíve relived the 2019 Jays season once again, itís time to turn your attention to the thrill of playoff baseball.
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Iím creating a separate thread for discussions about the Jays managerial search. The Jays are reportedly down to four finalists: Joe Espada, Brandon Hyde, Rocco Baldelli and a fourth unnamed individual. Ed Sprague and Stubby Clapp are among the names that have reported to have done at least an initial interview, although itís not clear if either is a finalist.
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Lets have a bit of fun.
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Cause it ain't.
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Well, with this crazy offseason where free agents are now getting desperate the Jays just signed another reliever - RHP Tyler Clippard (a NRI). Wonder if the Jays will get a few more cheap bargains in the upcoming weeks.
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This would've been really something about six years ago...
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Because scrolling through 250+ comments on a phone sized screen occasionally gets old, on occasion
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So we have a few Jays up for good awards this year...
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I haven't been following the team as closely as usual. Anything interesting happen?
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Yup, he's gone. 3 years $55 mil with a $25 mil option ($5 mil buyout). If year 4 isn't taken then he gets a total of $60 mil. If all 4 years happen he makes $80 mil just like the Jays offered.
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Yup, between beating Baltimore and going to Texas with an overflowing thread threatening to take over the world.
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Well, our season ending thread is overloaded so lets have a between series thread.
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