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The road trip concludes, more or less across the street from Disneyland.
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Two wins in two games on the farm. Sem Robberse was excellent as New Hampshire had a big win. Dunedin's game was shortened due to rain but they came out on top also.
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Games in Buffalo are scrubbed until further notice but there was a game in Vancouver Wednesday.
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Free You Know Who.... Free You Know Who....
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Missouri loves company.
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The Buffalo game was tied through nine innings. The pitchers on both sides had done well on a cold day in Pennsylvania. With two on and two outs in the top of the tenth, Wynton Bernard doubled to the wall to drive in two runs and lead the Bisons to a 3-2 win.
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Buffalo won their first game of the season, while Addison Barger hit Buffalo's first home run.
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The Buffalo Bisons played their first game ever in March to kick off the 2023 minor league season. Unfortunately there was not much to remember from the game.
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It's that previewin' time of year again...
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And so it begins...

The Jays open the 2023 season with a ten game road trip, and the defending NL Central champs provide the initial opposition.
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The regular season is ready to go. Now it is time to go on the record with your predictions for the season.
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Daily minor league updates have been a feature on Batters Box since 2004. A lot has changed in the baseball world over the last twenty years and now the daily MLU is changing too.
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The minor league season starts next week, in Buffalo. The other teams wait a week. We will all be looking at who hits the ground running in 2023. Who pitches or hits well in April. But there are some other things that I will be looking at.
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The Blue Jays have enjoyed a pleasantly uneventful time in Florida so far.
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