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It was a horrendous night on the farm as the affiliates were 0-for-6. The good news was Dunedin's game was suspended due to rain and Lansing had the night off. The GCL Blue Jays' playoff hopes have been dashed and Bluefield's took a big hit.
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The affiliates won four out of seven Monday night with Lansing's bats providing the highlights along with solid starting performances in Buffalo and Dunedin. The GCL Blue Jays welcomed a big bat back to their lineup. On the negative side was an extra-innings loss, a one-run setback in regulation and a blowout loss north of the border.
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Insert reference from 'The Wire' here...
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Two affiliates won and both were outhit. Vancouver won because they hit four two run home runs. Bluefield won thanks to errors and walks by their opponent. Buffalo,New Hampshire and Lansing lost. Dunedin were rained out.

There is just over a week left in the minor league season. Three of the Jays affiliates have been eliminated, Buffalo, New Hampshire and Vancouver. Of the other four Dunedin are best placed with a 2.5 game lead. Bluefield are a half game ahead for the last playoff spot. Lansing and the GCL Jays are 3.5 and 2 games out and time is running out for both. They need a win streak.

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I'm seein' double here! Four Krustys!
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Some notables on the farm. Bradley Jones had three homers down in Bluefield. John Stilson worked 98-100mph, and Angel Perdomo registered a nice start in Lansing.

Written by sam, posted by Gerry.

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There were some bad losses on the farm on Wednesday. Then there were some worse losses. There were no wins. New Hampshire had a 6-1 lead but Shane Dawson was left in too long and the bullpen added some gas to the fire. Casey Lawrence wasn't winning but the Bisons trailed 2-1 and Lawrence stayed in too long and again the bullpen added gas. Lansing's starter Jordan Romano left with a lead but, you guessed it, the bullpen coughed it up. Dunedin were no-hit through seven and ended with two infield hits. The GCL Jays lost the game and first place. Vancouver and Bluefield had routine losses.
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The affiliates had a 3-5 record on Tuesday with a walk-off loss and an extra-innings setback tipping the scales the wrong way.
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Just two years ago, the Los Angeles Angels won 98 games, more than any other team in the American League.

This year? Well...

     When it starts to fall apart
     Man, it really falls apart

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The affiliates could have had a winning night but one affiliate blew a converted touchdown lead so they had to settle for a 4-4 Monday. Dunedin had the night off.
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There were lots of runs in the affiliates games on Sunday. It was tough to choose the three stars among the hitters while most of the pitchers did not stake a claim. Dickie Thon hit a couple of home runs and picked up a couple of the not so nice hits on his body. Dwight Smith had three hits and was a double short of the cycle. Vlad Jr had two hits, one his eighth homer. Dalton Pompey had two hits, one a homer too. Max Pentecost had two hits but no home runs, he hit his on his Dunedin debut on Saturday. AJ Jimenez joined the round trippers club.
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The Blue Jays hope to put on a good show in Cleveland this weekend.

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On an otherwise night to forget down on the farm, Denis Diaz sparkled in six innings of work.
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Over the last few days the Jays have parted ways with several members of our scouting and development staff. Gone are Scouting Director Brian Parker, National Crosschecker Blake Davis, and Minor League Field Co-ordinator Doug Davis.
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The GCL Jays had the bats working and the pitching was good enough for the first seven innings to get the win. Buffalo singled their way to a win. Conner Greene had a bad day and New Hampshire took it on the chin. Lansing lost in extras. Vancouver lost many runners on the bases and, as a result, lost the game.

Dunedin only played an inning and a half before the rains came. Bluefield had the night off.

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