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A walkout win, a blowout loss and two extra-inning setbacks for the Blue Jays affiliates Tuesday. #WeAreBlueJays
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These guys again.
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The National League was founded in February 1876, and Chicago provided one of the charter franchises, coming over from the National Association of Base Ball Players which had provided a very loose organizational structure for the preceding five years.

It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
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Limb by limb and tooth by tooth
Stirring up inside of me
Every hour
I wish that I,
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The Dunedin Jays have been battered by the Tampa hitters in the first five games of the series. Relief arrived today in the form of 18 year old Brazilian Rafael Ohashi making his first professional start. Supported by the bullpen it gave the Jays their first win of the season. Buffalo won thanks to their emergency started Connor Overton. Vancouver also won with New Hampshire the only loser on Sunday.
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Two hitters hit a pair of home runs on Saturday. Riley Adams is back with Buffalo and went deep twice. In Dunedin PK Morris also hit a pair of jacks and drove in six runs. Dunedin's pitchers continued to take it on the chin, with one exception. Overall it was a split night on the farm with Buffalo and Vancouver winning.
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It has been a mixed start to the season on the pitching side. Some pitchers, like Alek Manoah, have pitched well. But overall a lot of the pitchers have been hit around. On Friday, all the affiliates lost and conceded 48 runs over four games. Tampa scored 25 against Dunedin. Things can only get better, right?
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Now Dusty Baker is the one who manages this crew
He's older than the game itself, he's seen a thing or two
But that toothpick in his mouth
What the hell is that about?
It makes a fellow proud to be an Astro

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Two wins and three losses on the farm on Thursday. There were lot of strikeouts for the starting pitchers but there was also a lack of hitting on some teams. Its early days yet, just three games played.
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The Thundering Herd from Buffalo/Trenton were the only winners on the night. New Hampshire's game in Portland was rained out. #WeAreBlueJays
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Number two on Baseball America's Top 10 Most Talented Minor League Teams was number one on the scoreboard Tuesday. The affiliates won two and lost two on Opening Night. #WeAreBlueJays
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After somewhere around 600 days, minor league baseball is back. All four teams play today. For those of you who haven't been following the minor leagues, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats are the only one of the Jays four teams who will play their home games at their own park. The major league Jays are using the Dunedin park and intend to use the Buffalo park so both of those teams have been bumped, for now. Vancouver have to play in Oregon because the border is closed, again for now.
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I logged on, saw the 254 comments and thought - whoa! New thread required.
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Why, it's the first place Atlanta Braves!

First place? They're 12-13. What gives? Three teams tied for first with records below .500?
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The Jays minor leaguers were assigned to their teams yesterday with the season starting next week. They will move out to their cities tomorrow. Shi Davidi has the scoop on some assignments.
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