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So... when do the Jays get to play somebody who's not a contender, anyway?
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Buffalo scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth for a walk off win. The winning run was driven in by Spencer Horwitz who had four hits in the game including three doubles. Orelvis Martinez went deep twice and Adam Kloffenstein pitched well again as New Hampshire won. Orelvis has had a horrid start to 2023 but three home runs in two days could be a positive sign of things to come. Vancouver scored 13 runs in their win. Riley Tirotta had a big night. Dunedin hitters added three home runs and won by ten runs. It was a fun night on the farm with four wins and plenty of good performances.
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Vancouver was your lone Wednesday winner.
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Buffalo, New Hampshire and Dunedin all won with the Herd and D-Jays waling it off in 10 innings.
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The road trip concludes, with a visit to the home of the defending NL champs.
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All the affiliates came out on the winning side on Sunday. IN addition, rehabbers Mitch White and CJ Van Eyk pitched. Plus several hitters are finally starting to warm up.
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Four New Hampshire pitchers combined on a one hitter. Sem Robberse was the starter and star. Vancouver and Dunedin won one run games. Buffalo played two. They lost game one in extra innings and were blown out in game two.
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This hasn't been a good start to the season for the Jays minor league system. But one bright light has been Adam Kloffenstein. Kloff delivered another excellent start on Friday, six shutout innings with eight strikeouts. That was enough for a New Hampshire win. Nicolas Deschamps hit an eleventh inning, two run home run, to give Dunedin a win. Vancouver won a low scoring game, Trenton Wallace with five shutout innings. Buffalo were blown out.
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This nasty road trip continues, with a first place team up next on the schedule. That would be the... Pittsburgh Pirates?
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Ricky Tiedemann was the losing pitcher yesterday and also left the game injured. He has a bicep injury with no know estimates of time out right now. Buffalo and New Hampshire split their doubleheaders with Orelvis Martinez having a good game. Dunedin had 15 singles in their win. Vancouver lost.
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Buffalo's game was rained out. New Hampshire lost. Dunedin and Vancouver both won.
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Buffalo lost by a run, Vancouver won big and Dunedin lost big. New Hampshire's game was rained out.
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Road trip! Beginning in quaint little Fenway Park.
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It is the end of April so I thought I would take a look at how the Jays affiliates and prospects were doing for the first month of the season. Because of time constraints I started the analysis on Sunday morning and the major theme was the lack of offense up and down the system. Then Buffalo go out and score 21 runs, Dunedin score 18 in their first game. They both won while Dunedin lost game two. Vancouver won via a walk off home run. New Hampshire were rained out.

So here is the report with a mix of Sunday morning and Sunday evening analysis.

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Vancouver were the only winners on Saturday. Dasan Brown and Devonte Brown combined for six hits for the C's. Dahian Santos pitched well. Buffalo hitters recorded 14 hits but lost. New Hampshire couldn't muster much offense wasting a fine start by Sem Robberse. Dunedin were rained out.
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