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The defending International League East Division champion Buffalo Bisons opened the 2022 season with a one-run win at home.
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Sho(hei) me the money.

Hey, where's everybody going???
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So we know the Jays roster now (depending on last second trades of course). Past time for a new general thread and this is as good an excuse for one as any.
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That's it! You all have stood the way of my predictions long enough! I'm going to that clown college!
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It's almost time for some minor league baseball. This year, because of the lockout, some minor league baseball will start before the major leagues. Buffalo start on Tuesday. The other three teams start on Friday, the same day as the Jays.
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Free Joey... Free Joey... Free Joey...
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Hey, there's a season! Lets do this again.
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Well, it seems the Jays have settled everything on the payroll front...for now with all arbitration eligible players settled.
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The top 40 prospects in the Toronto Blue Jays farm system have been announced by Baseball America. However, it is really a Top 37 ranking as three of the players are no longer with the organization.

Spencer Horwitz enjoyed a breakout season in 2021 with Vancouver to place him in the top half of the Baseball America Blue Jays prospect rankings.
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So how will our lineup do this year vs last? Lets dig into ZiPS (publicly available) projections to get an idea.
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Do we need a new thread?

Oh, I think we do.
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Just announced that an agreement has been reached. Hooray!

Opening Day will be April 7, the 45th anniversary of the Blue Jays first-ever game.
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Well, it is official - no first week of baseball in April - the first 2 series are cancelled now.
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This is a big question with Bo & Vlad, and the possibility of trading for Jose Ramirez among others. Lets look at history to get an idea on this.
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Things are very quiet with labor issues  hanging over MLB.  So lets start a new area for covering any oddball topics as they are bleeding into the prospects.
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