Jays 6 - Yankees 5

Monday, September 19 2005 @ 08:45 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

A close victory against one of the seasons toughest oppenents.

The Yankees may not have played like a $200 million team for much of this year, but they have against the Jays. The season record now stands as played 15 won 5 for the good guys. Only the dreaded Rangers have beaten up on Toronto with greater effeciency. Some of this of course is timing, the Jays only got five games against the Yankess early in the season when they were doing their best Kansas City Royals impression.

Ted Lilly had one of his better days yesterday, going into the seventh inning and giving up three runs (two earned), whilst striking out six and most impressively walking just one. The bullpen kind of limped through the rest of the game, but got the job done. Frasor, Speier and Schoeneweis got from Lilly to Batista, and through the top of the order while giving up just a Jeter homerun. Batista came in to the 6/7/8 hitters and gave up two hits and a run for the save. That's just the fourth run he's given up in September, somehow it seems like many more. The bats did their damage early on, lighting up Jaret Wright for four runs in the first two Innings, Wright has a decent record since his return from the DL in August, but as Rickster pointed out in the chat his quality of opposition has been distinctly on the easy side. Wells had a great game with the stick, going three for four with a double and triple, and hustling like a Sparky on the bases.

Not being at the game, I'll be avoiding Yankee games at the RC for a while, I was playing around with a spreadsheet and the Jays stats page while I was watching and in the best traditions of the Box threw together a few graphs.