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A close victory against one of the seasons toughest oppenents.

The Yankees may not have played like a $200 million team for much of this year, but they have against the Jays. The season record now stands as played 15 won 5 for the good guys. Only the dreaded Rangers have beaten up on Toronto with greater effeciency. Some of this of course is timing, the Jays only got five games against the Yankess early in the season when they were doing their best Kansas City Royals impression.

Ted Lilly had one of his better days yesterday, going into the seventh inning and giving up three runs (two earned), whilst striking out six and most impressively walking just one. The bullpen kind of limped through the rest of the game, but got the job done. Frasor, Speier and Schoeneweis got from Lilly to Batista, and through the top of the order while giving up just a Jeter homerun. Batista came in to the 6/7/8 hitters and gave up two hits and a run for the save. That's just the fourth run he's given up in September, somehow it seems like many more. The bats did their damage early on, lighting up Jaret Wright for four runs in the first two Innings, Wright has a decent record since his return from the DL in August, but as Rickster pointed out in the chat his quality of opposition has been distinctly on the easy side. Wells had a great game with the stick, going three for four with a double and triple, and hustling like a Sparky on the bases.

Not being at the game, I'll be avoiding Yankee games at the RC for a while, I was playing around with a spreadsheet and the Jays stats page while I was watching and in the best traditions of the Box threw together a few graphs.





  • I love Sparky as much as the next Bauxite, but the evidence in the graph above suggests he might be best suited to the fourth outfielder role. His good months have coincided with a limited number of at-bats. When he is playing everyday for an extended period, his OPS tends to dip alarmingly.
  • That Alexis Rios OPS graph is really depressing.
  • The outfield really had an awful August.
  • Only Hinske has had a significantly better first than second half. While Zaun, Hill and Rios have been worse since the break, the first two, at least, for understandable reasons.
  • Has any player beeen discussed more here than Eric Hinske ? The Dude has had a great second half, this has corresponded with him being used less, particularly against lefties. Gibby seems to have found a role where he can be effective. While he's overpaid for a bench/platoon guy at first/third, if he's going to be on the roster next year (as is likely) at least there are reasons to expect decent production from him in this role.
  • Whats's happened to Vinny Chulk's strikeout numbers ?
  • Josh Towers has been at extraordinary walk levels in the second half, but his strikeouts have dropped off rather alarmingly.
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#2JBrumfield - Monday, September 19 2005 @ 11:19 AM EDT (#128307) #
Not being at the game, I'll be avoiding Yankee games at the RC for a while

I don't enjoy all those Yankees fans invading the Dome either but I was glad I went to this one yesterday, as it was the only one I went to with the Yankees in town this season.

Lots of positives in this one. Ted the Tease was Ted the Good yesterday and the bullpen, aside from a couple of hiccups, got the job done again. It was nice to see Wells have a breakout game and he and Gross made two beautiful catches. Sparky almost completed the trifecta in the 9th on that double by Cano. I had a bad feeling the Yankees were going to pull that one out when Jeter came up to the plate, after homering his previous at-bat and almost hitting one out to lead off the game. It was great to see Batista punch him out to end it and Jeter crying about it afterwards.

Listening to the post-game show with my emergency radio (the very one featured on this website!), Jerry talked about Gross having the key at-bat of the game in the 8th by drawing that 2 out walk to keep the inning alive for Corey Koskie. I also thought another key to the game was Gibbons' move of having Koskie take over at 3rd and moving Hill from 3rd to 2nd and putting Menechino on the bench. That led to Koskie hitting 9th in the line-up and driving in Hill with the eventual winning run right after Gross' walk. And even better, that run was charged to Tanyon Sturtze! I'm glad they also got a run off Leiter even though he did a nice job coming on in relief of Wright. You never want to see anybody get hurt but if Hinske's going to throw a bat at a Yankee hurler, couldn't it have been Mussina? Kidding! (sort of!).

On a personal note, if the Jays have a home game on September 18th next season, I'm going! Last year, the missus and I won "Fan of the Game" on (which NFH can attest to!) and yesterday, I won the Staples Business Depot race gift certificate. To be quite honest, I wasn't paying attention. A guy from England who was sitting a couple of seats away from me pointed it out to me that I won. Being in section 518 pays! I just wish I could win the WestJet contest!

All in all, it was a great day at the yard. The world just seems to be a better place when the Jays beat the Yanks, doesn't it?

VBF - Monday, September 19 2005 @ 12:42 PM EDT (#128314) #
Completely off-topic. I just saw Gregg Zaun in Dominion. I didn't want to say anything in case it wasn't him, but I just gawked at him for a while. He looked back at me and stared, then I walked onward.
Thaskins - Monday, September 19 2005 @ 04:38 PM EDT (#128326) #
There has been a lot of bad talk regarding JP lately and I want to throw in my 2 cents. For all the people criticizing him, what are your suggestions? Do you want to fire him and bring someone else in? Just so that person can reset the organization with the personal he wants which takes 2-3 years? Does that make any sense? Or, maybe we bring someone in who tries to ďwin nowĒ and we end up with 5 bad contracts and are behind the 8 ball for the next 5 years before we can begin to think about being competitive again. Or, maybe the next person doesnít even have a plan and we just spin in circles until we bring in the next guy. JP has a plan, I think we should let him execute.

I agree that Iím not a big fan of some of the things JP says and does on the non-baseball front. Criticizing fans? Stupid. Say they need to turn out more? Dumb. Weíre competing against the Sox and Yankees? Not needed, shut up and deal. Not getting along with the local press. Doesnít make any sense to do that. The press is either a great or a horrible marketing tool. Sure some of them are idiots. Deal with it. But, JP the baseball guy, has been pretty good.

Do I like everything heís done? No. Loogy SS, hated the signing, still do. But, heís been effective. Not signing Wade Miller to a 1 year $1.5 million with an option (I think) deal that Boston did. The Koskie contract. I was kind of on the fence with this one. I didnít hate it, but I certainly didnít love it. I could go on. . .

What has he done since coming to Toronto? Heís drafted, signed and developed a pretty good pitching staff. Really, itís been very good this year. Plus, weíve got lots coming up that can be traded or turned into starters/relievers. Defense, been great. We catch and throw the ball very well and thatís with two rookies (Hill & Adams) in the IF a lot of nights, a new 1st basemen (Hinske) a lot of nights, and a DH (Hillenbrand) at 3B or 1B a lot of nights. Offense. Good, not great. Weíve got a very solid lineup with no real sink holes. But, we could use a big bat or two. People want to jump on Wells and Hillenbrand. But really. They havenít been the problem. Wells is probably miscast in the #3 hole and Hillenbrand is miscast in the #4 hole. Hillenbrand came here for a prospect since released by the Diamondbacks and he only signed a 1-year deal. Come on folks. Thatís a pretty shrewd deal if you ask me.

I could probably go on but Iíll stop here for now. Yes, it sucks losing 11-10 and then 1-0 to the Yankees. But, looking at the big picture of the season, a lot of good things have happened. Where would we be if we got 150 games and standard production out of Koskie? What if Halladay stayed healthy all year? We were in the Wild Card hunt for most of the year coming off a season in which everyone got injured AND we finished behind, BEHIND the Devil Rays!

Go Jays!
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