Hall of Names Challenge: You &^%$#@!!!

Thursday, February 23 2006 @ 08:53 PM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Here at the Hall of Names, we take all challenges seriously, such as this one, posted during our little downtime period and reproduced here in case you missed it:

William "Dummy" Hoy seems obvious, and though he was a fine Brett Butler/Willie Wilson-type OF for 14 years, believe it or not ...

... he may not even have been the best of the six MLB players nicknamed "Dummy" -- that honour may go to RHSP Luther "Dummy" Taylor, a 116-106 hurler (and 1904 21-game winner) in nine years, mostly with the Giants.

And as always, we prefer legitimate first/given or last/family names here at the Hall of Names. So while Dummy Taylor opens the door for RHP Jake "Jerky" Northrup and OF Johnny "Ugly" Dickshot, we would prefer ... uh ... this is difficult!

What we're looking for: insulting names, not just funny-sounding words. If you could say in moderate but legitimate anger to someone, "You're a(n) ********" then THAT'S a winner!!

However, though Mr. Ugly above qualifies thanks to his nickname, his last/family name, though unfortunate with the retrospect of changing slang, does not qualify; we are NOT looking for the Don Aases of the world. (Wait, that might be a good one. Here's the acid test: can you imagine Jamie Campbell saying it on the air? If not, don't post it here.)

So, nicknames are okay. Given and family names are better. Whatchagot, Bauxites? (Just keep it clean!)