Law's Cool, ESPN Style

Wednesday, May 31 2006 @ 08:00 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Say the headline out loud if you don't get the pun!

Normally, Batter's Box would not devote an entire thread to the news of ESPN hiring a new senior baseball writer.

Ah, but when that new guy's name is Keith Law (pictured, left) that becomes an entirely different matter indeed.

Law, as you probably know, has held the title of Special Assistant to the General Manager for the Blue Jays since January 1, 2002; but he also spent several years previously as a co-author of the popular Baseball Prospectus, so it's not like leaving the Jays for this writing gig will be a whole new world for him ... in fact, speaking as someone whose job title is also "senior writer," let me suggest that there is plenty here to be insanely jealous about! [Here's the official press release, "Blue Jays bid farewell to Keith Law".]

Law was and is -- and we hope will continue to be -- no stranger to Batter's Box. One of Batter's Box's original All-Stars, Jordan Furlong, landed this 2003 interview with Law, while in April of last year, we pre-published Flying the Blue Jay Way from American Way magazine, with permission of my previous employer, American Airlines. He also posted occasional comments himself under the username "klaw."

According to Law, he will cover all levels of baseball, including amateur, write for and ESPNdeportes, while also doing occasional radio and television work.

Thanks, Keith, for all you've done for Toronto baseball. And keep Neyer and Stark in line, will you?