Baseball America Top 30 Prospects

Monday, November 13 2006 @ 11:47 AM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

Baseball America revealed their Top 30 Blue Jay prospects today.  There is a subscriber only chat at 2 pm.  Baseball America are higher on Ryan Patterson and Brandon Magee than Batters Box was and the big surprise is Balbino Fuenmayor at number 10.

BA's Top 10 is:

1. Adam Lind, of
2. Travis Snider, of
3. Ricky Romero, lhp
4. Ryan Patterson, of
5. Curtis Thigpen, c
6. Francisco Rosario, rhp
7. Brandon Magee, rhp
8. Jesse Litsch, rhp
9. David Purcey, lhp
10. Balbino Fuenmayor, 3b

Batters Box top 10 is here.

BA also rates Best Tools, see their story for the details.

As you look at these ratings remember that BA is very focused on ceiling, or how good could this player be.  That explains why Fuenmayor is rated so highly as he has a chance to be very good but obviously he is a long way away from the major leagues.  If a player is at AAA and looks like he could be a bullpen pitcher or an average hitter, BA will look at his ceiling as an average major leaguer and rank him lower than a hot shot prospect at Low A.

BA staffers have already indicated in earlier chats that the Blue Jay system ranks lowest in the AL East and probably ultimately will be in the mid-20's.  Once again this rating reflects that, in BA's opinion, there are few potential stars in the system.  There could be lots of average major league  players in the system but that's not how BA rates them.