Let's Build the Anagramatic All-Stars

Friday, February 01 2008 @ 11:43 AM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

This isn't really "Hall of Names" territory -- at least not yet. It's more of a Reader Challenge to help pass time this February Friday ...

So here's the challenge for you all -- we've played with Anagramatics here on Da Box previously, but for newcomers, "anagramatics" means ...

... word-play using people's names to find full anagrams that describe them (or, more commonly, don't but in a funny way). For example, my personal anagramatic is Michael Doherty = Hey, I'm a Tech Lord. (Not!)

So today we look to fill a complete roster of ballplayers who have anagramatically appropriate appellations. You want Babe Ruth on the team? Show us that it somehow matters -- maybe as he's striding to the plate or waiting in the on-deck circle -- that, anagramatically, He Rub Bat.

Make sense? Okay, need help? Try our old Web pal, "I, Rearrangement Servant" (that's a brilliant anagram for Internet Anagram Server), plug in your favorite player's name, and see what options you have.

Is it bad that Dave Steib is a Biased Vet? You can't really make a baseball pun for Tom Henke's anagramatics, unless he's screaming at old Jay Jeff as he rounds third, Home, Kent! For that matter, Jeff Kent is that rarest of names that literally has NO anagrams of any sort, anagramatic or otherwise. So, let 'er rip ... 

Who makes the All-Anagramatic Squad?