BBFL Rule Voting Results and Trade Window

Saturday, March 01 2008 @ 06:35 PM EST

Contributed by: Gwyn

The BBFL has spoken and it said 'No'

1: Should the BBFL increase the number of keepers allowed for each team from the present 5 ?

Yes: 11
No: 19

2: Should the BBFL increase the period it is allowed to keep a player up from the present three years ?

Yes: 11
No: 19

3: The BBFL does not presently limit the number of waiver/free-agent transactions an owner can make each year. Should the league institute a maximum number of transactions?

Yes: 14
No: 16

4: Should the BBFL replace the Innings Pitched Stat category with Holds?

Yes: 2
No: 28

The Trading Window is now open. 

Please use the thread below to announce trades and put your players on the market, announce keepers etc.

The Trading Window closes on March 14th at Midnight EST, this is also the deadline to submit your five keepers for the year.  Please submit them to me via email at bbfl at gwynprice dot com. Please include the your team name, the name and 'keeper year' of each player, and if he's called Chris Young whether he pitches or not.

I will send out lists of keepers on March 15th, so everyone has a few days to plan for the draft on March 20th.  Thanks to all the owners who voted and please take amoment to join your respective leagues.