Jays Close to Extension With Rios

Tuesday, March 25 2008 @ 08:49 AM EDT

Contributed by: Pistol

Or so says Ken Rosenthal who has scooped all the local writers.

Looks like 6 years, $65 million with a $15 million option for 2015.  The deal apparently kicks in after this season and would cover the 2009-2014 seasons covering Rios' last two arbitration years and 4 years of free agency.  He's 27 right now (February birthday) so the deal is for his age 28-33 seasons.

Last month I thought that 5 years for $50 million would be fair.  This seems to be in that range, but a year longer (and two if it happens to be a player option).

It's a year or two longer than I would have liked, and we don't know if Ricciardi gave another player a no-trade or opt out options, but overall it's hard not to like the team's best position player locked up.  You're certainly never going to be able to get a free agent like him for that price.