TDIB 14 April 2008: Top of the World, Ma!

Monday, April 14 2008 @ 06:55 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

OK, they're actually tied for first.

And we're not even halfway through April.

But hey - it's better than being 2-10.

The Beej was back, and cashed an exciting save in his first outing in exactly 365 days (this was a Leap Year, remember!). And the Jays finally won a one-run game, after coming out on the short end four times already in this young season.

A sweep on the road for the first time in almost two years...

A sweep in Texas for the first time in almost twenty-three years...

Did I mention... First Place?

Elsewhere Greg Maddux, the old Mad Dog himself, picked up career win number 349 on the same day that a very nice piece by Tim Keown appeared on ESPN. I recommend it highly. Players are always telling Maddux stories - he's truly a mythic figure to other ball players - and Keown provides some dandies. Yes, it turns you really can catch him with your eyes closed. He will hit the glove.