TDIB 28 August 2008

Wednesday, August 27 2008 @ 10:26 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

David Purcey was fantastic.

8 Innings, 11 K's, no walks and just one run given up, on a Carlos Pena homer, he's shown some good signs here and there before this season, but there's been nothing like this. He seemed to have a pretty simple plan and stuck to it - use the fastball to get ahead in the count and then go to the slider to finish them off. The Jays offense was again predictably rather less than terrific, and all Purcey's good work was for naught as the hitters couldn't get a run over against Garza (who owns the Jays hitters) and the better parts of the Rays bullpen.

* The Pirates would only trade Bautista for Diaz and others had moved past Diaz in the Jays catcher ranks.
* Last three weeks have shown the team he was expecting to see this year. Excited about where the team is going.
* Thinks you should read 'The last Lecture' (and he's right, it's amazing).
* [ Time out for a shouting match with some guy called Greg ]
* Two years left on the Rolen-Glaus trade - let's see how it works out.
* Janssen is a rotation candidate for next year.  If AJ is back Janssen is more likely to be in the pen.
* Asked about the reasoning for Rolen-Glaus trade: (1) Glaus didn't want to be here, and hadn't had a productive year (2)All the research they did on Rolen indicated that he was fully recovered and would be fine and (3) wanted a defensive upgrade in the infield.
* Probably won't be going after a free agent catcher, and unlikely Zaun and Barajas will both be back. So it looks like next year it'll be Barajas and an internal candidate as the backup.
* Three guys will definitely be called up in Spetember and maybe one more, none likely to be surprises. One of these will not be Accardo.

Game Day: Jesse Litsch against Edwin Jackson 7:10 PM