Just a Second, Jays ...

Friday, February 06 2009 @ 02:41 PM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Second base hasn't exactly been a black hole for the Jays recently, but with Orlando Hudson walking the free agent streets these days and Russ Adams designated for assignment, we can step back for a moment -- pivot, as it were -- and look at a couple of guys who once played the position in Toronto, each of whom will (should?) get some Hall of Fame talk going upcoming.

On next year's HOF ballot, ex-Jay (and ex-Met and ex-Indian and others) Roberto Alomar will appear for the first time, In five years, thanks to his recent retirement (just last month), ex-Jay (and ex-Met and ex-Indian and others) Jeff Kent will appear on the ballot for the first time.

So the question put forth to you is simple ...


Note: I really did try to post this as a poll initially, but for some reason the poll function is not working for me. So a discussion thread it is! Stake out your position, defend it, and -- politely, or at least civilly -- let those who disagree with you know why they are wildly, hopelesslly, helplessly wrong!