Fun With Photoshop Filters - Vol. 2 Answers

Monday, January 16 2012 @ 11:59 PM EST

Contributed by: #2JBrumfield

Here are the answers to last week's challenge.

It was obvious to all Bauxites except Parker ;D but this was Albert Pujols.

Here was the one that provided the most difficulty.  This is Daniel Descalso beating the tag of Marlins catcher Brett Hayes at home plate.  The umpire is Bob "No Triple Play" Davidson.

Lyle Overbay gives way to Josh Harrison to run at first base.

Jon Jay, who wore #15 before giving it to Rafael Furcal, crosses home plate after a home run.

Kelly Johnson steals second base despite the best efforts of Ramiro Pena.  The ump is Jerry Meals.

The winner is Original Ryan, who correctly identified four of the people in the filtered photos.  "Check the O.R." withstood a furious rally from vonwafer 234, who got two of them right but could not crack the code for the second photo.

Original Ryan gets this photo to celebrate his second straight trivia victory. Click on my moniker for a full-size photo.

Thanks for playing.