White Sox Going Down!

Tuesday, June 05 2012 @ 11:10 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

The Jays record a nice win tonight, although the defense was not stellar. Big night for Colby Rasmus with a 5-5 night, combined with a bad error. Brett Lawrie hit leadoff and had three hits.

David Cooper had a 2 run home run although when he hit it I thought it was a fly ball. So far Cooper's power has been to left field.

Edwin Encarnacion sat out the game with his sore hand.

Ricky Romero looked very good for the first six innings. Then he made a couple of bad pitches and the defense made some errors and it looked like he was having a melt-down. I though Farrell did a good job to get him out of there.

Yan Gomes has been recalled. Jesse Chavez has been optioned down which means he has options I guess. Gomes might get the start at first tomorrow night against a left handed pitcher.

Alex Rios showed why Toronto fans were frustrated with him. He had a couple of hits but made the third out of the eighth inning at third base.