Game Thread 7/6 vs Minnesota

Saturday, July 06 2013 @ 09:43 AM EDT

Contributed by: Alex Obal

"We don't buy our titles, so there are summers when we stink."

Mets alumni represent: today's pitching matchup pits R.A. Dickey against Mike Pelfrey. Pelfrey was a top prospect and a competent fixture in the Mets' rotation for five years, but his unrealized potential frustrated some fans. He's tall and kind of awkward, with a great fastball but a precarious delivery and no real swing-and-miss pitch. When he finally found consistent command last April the gods immediately smote him with a torn UCL, ending his tenure in New York, and his first two months of 2013 were a disaster. So were Dickey's, though he's fought through his assorted curses to rediscover the unprecedented knuckleball velocity that blew hitters away last year. He's starting to resemble the 2012 Cy Young winner.