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Thursday, November 24 2016 @ 02:02 AM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

Sigh. Old thread becomes unmanageable so time to start a new one. Come one, come all. Rule 5, 40 man roster, free agents, HOF voting begins, potential lock out, etc. Also Jerry Howarth is doing well.

Rule 5 is on December 8th and the Jays have one open slot. Angel Perdomo is viewed as likely to be taken but was in A ball (not A+ where a few Jays have jumped to the majors from, just A) with nearly 4 BB/9 last year. Steamer views him as likely to have an ERA over 5 if in the majors next year. Tyler Heineman is a catcher who is interesting. Good defense, switch hitter, good OBP, meh power and average. We'll see I guess.

HOF: 34 names on the list, including Tim Raines final shot (69.8% last year, so he has a good shot); Bagwell also in striking distance (71.6% last year); Trevor Hoffman is close too at 67.3%. Sammy Sosa could fall off the ballot (7% last year barely kept him on). New guys are Ivan Rodriguez (Canseco says he injected him), Manny Ramirez (caught multiple times), Vladimir Guerrero (one of the last Expos who will get serious consideration) and others (Jorge Posada, Tim Wakefield, Matt Stairs, Jason Varitek among others). Of course we still have Canadian Larry Walker on the ballot, and ex-Jays Jeff Kent, Fred McGriff. The PED crew in Clemens, Bonds, Sheffield, Manny, Sosa, and whoever the writers decide looked too buff this year. The closers in Hoffman, Lee Smith, Billy Wagner (all over 400). It'll be interesting as the ballots start flying in late December to see who has a good shot and who doesn't. I'm hoping Raines & Bagwell get in while Vlad does well. I've accepted the writers won't put Bonds & Clemens in.

Hopefully the players and owners aren't insane enough to have a lockout happen. They should continue with the old rules but minor modifications - an increase to when the payroll tax hits, 26th man on roster, no more compensation for free agents (or at least no more loss of a first round pick), international draft.

Via Howard Berger's Twitter feed: Great news! Jerry Howarth is home after prostate cancer surgery. Doctors say it was a "grand slam". Went "super well." Cancer localized.

So whats new and interesting out there today?