Latest Payroll Figures

Sunday, January 14 2018 @ 11:15 PM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

With the old thread getting long in the tooth, time for a new one and with arbitration figures out there we can do a better estimate of the Jays payroll 'as is' for 2018.

Via Cot's contracts (using figures used for payroll tax purposes) and MLB Trade Rumors....
Donaldson, Josh $23,000,000
Martin, Russell $20,000,000
Tulowitzki, Troy$20,000,000
Estrada, Marco $13,000,000
Happ, J.A. $13,000,000
Morales, Kendrys $11,000,000
Stroman, Marcus$6.5 or $6.9
Pearce, Steve $6,250,000
Osuna, Roberto$5.3 or $5.8
Smoak, Justin $4,125,000
Solarte, Yangervis $4,125,000
Pillar, Kevin $3,250,000
Sanchez, Aaron $2,700,000
Carrera, Ezequiel $1,900,000
Loup, Aaron $1,812,500
Travis, Devon $1,450,000
Leone, Dominic $1,085,000
Gurriel, Lourdes $1,428,571
Non-Arbtration $5,400,000

Range: $145,326,071 to $146,226,071
2017 payroll opening day: $163,381,937
Highest payroll pre-2017: $137,177,700 (2014) or $164,312,432 (end of year 2016).
Note: 2016 went from opening day $136,782,027 to $164,312,432 once the year was done.

So if the Jays are basing 2018's payroll on 2017's they have $17 million left (roughly). Looking at 2016 though it is possible they just 'stand pat' for now and use it if needed mid-season.