Jays at Mariners - August 2 -5

Thursday, August 02 2018 @ 08:38 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

The Jays are in a Seattle for a road and home series. All the talk in the media will be about the Canadians invading from the north.

The Jays have a new player, one Mike Hauschild who was in the Astros system until recently. Per Gibby Hauschild is a starter but the Jays didn't want to put him right in there so Clippard will start and then Hauschild will come in.

Ken Giles was added today and Dwight Smith and Darnell Sweeney were sent back to Buffalo. That leaves the Jays with a two man bench but Gibby says Pillar will be activated in the next few days.

Here is your weekend schedule:

Thursday, 10pm, Clippard vs. King Felix

Friday, 10pm, Borucki vs. Marco Gonzales

Saturday, 10pm, Estrada vs. James Paxton

Sunday, 4pm, Gaviglio vs. Mike Leake

What other surprises will the Jays have for us?