Rays at Blue Jays - Aug 10-12

Friday, August 10 2018 @ 05:05 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

It is the middle of August and this qualifies as a "playing out the string" game. Both the Rays and Jays were active in trading away some of their prized assets in July so the remainders will take the field tonight.

From the pre-game chatter, Marcus Stroman will test his finger today to see if he can pitch on Sunday. Giiby has gone on the record, again, as saying if there is going to be a full rebuild he needs to get out of here so he is making it easy for the front office to get rid of him, if they want to. Gibby might have been saving his major league manager money over the last few years and will be happy to go home and sit on the porch.

Friday, 7pm: Blake Snell vs. Marcus Stroman

Saturday, 4pm: TBD vs. Sam Gaviglio

Sunday, 1pm: Tyler Glasnow vs. Marcus Stroman

Let us know how many of the Tampa players you have heard of before? Kiermaier is there, and Gomez. But Wendle, Choi, Bauers, Adames, Lowe? I am kidding, sort-of, but the rebuild in Tampa is in full swing, again.