Blue Jays at Yankees

Friday, September 14 2018 @ 12:34 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

Well, you'd have to say the first part of this long road trip turned out roughly as expected.

Perhaps not quite the way it was expected to unfold - the team actually got a pair of excellent performances from their starting pitchers, which isn't something we've seen a whole lot of this season. So kudos to Ryan Borucki and Aaron Sanchez. Unfortunately, the team scored no runs at all in support of Sanchez, leading to the inevitable Tough Loss. Borucki is well acquainted with that particular phenomena (the kid's made 14 starts in the majors and his own team has been shut out in three of them.) This time, Borucki was given two runs to work with this time and he handed a 2-1 lead over to his bullpen in the seventh inning. Unfortunately the Blue Jays have employed two good relief pitchers this season and both now pitch in the National League....

And so it goes. The Yankees aren't as good as the Red Sox, but they have a whole lot more to play for as they try to maintain their slim lead over Oakland for Home Field Advantage in the Wild Card game.

Fri 7:05 PM - Estrada (7-11, 5.32) vs Tanaka (11-5, 3.61)
Sat 4:00 PM - Reid-Foley (1-3, 6.86) vs (Sabathia 7-6, 3.54)
Sun 1:05 PM - Pannone (2-1, 4.13) vs Lynn (2-2, 4.79)