Blue Jays 2018 Top Prospects - Almost

Thursday, November 22 2018 @ 09:15 AM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

Now that you have reviewed the top 30, itís time to consider those who did not make it.

Just Missed

The unluckiest was Gabriel Moreno who was named on three of the four ballots. Moreno had a breakout season but when you are 18 and playing in the GCL and Bluefield, it can be hard to get people to believe in you. By this time next year Moreno should be on the top 30 without any issue. Moreno hit .359 between the two stops this season and has great bat control.

Another catcher was close too. Alejandro Kirk was on two of the four ballots but came in 32nd. Kirk outplayed Hagen Danner, who did make the top 30, but Kirk has some physical issues that need to be resolved. To be more blunt, Kirk is oversized, or too fat, and needs to trim down to be considered a prospect. Kirk turned 20 a couple of weeks ago. Many Mexican players tend to be on the bigger side. If Kirk gets on a Blue Jay approved program over the winter he could look different by the spring. Despite that Kirk can really hit, he had an OPS over 1000 in Bluefield and his catching was decent too.

Jonathan Davis picked up a couple of votes. He had an excellent season including making his major league debut. He is older but he has continued to develop.

Otto Lopez got just one vote but it was the highest vote of those who missed. Lopez is very versatile but that can hurt him. Usually prospects get to play their position. The fact that Lopez bounces around the diamond suggests the Jays donít know what his position is. But he can hit.

Others getting one vote included Leonardo Jimenez; Josh Winkowski, Sean Wymer and Santiago Espinal. The first three played in short season leagues so still have time to produce. Espinal came over for Steve Pearce and did OK in New Hampshire and in the fall league but he hasnít stood out yet.

Dropped from the list.

The seven who dropped from last years list are: Justin Maese, Jon Harris, Yeltsin Gudino, Zach Jackson, Angel Perdomo, Kevin Vicuna and Josh Palacios. Of those Maese had surgery so his future is uncertain. Vicuna is often talked up by Blue Jay insiders and journalists as being a good prospect. He hasnít shown it at the plate yet but he is still young at 20 years old. Josh Palacios has been somewhat inconsistent, but he has shown flashes of potential. He had a great April and August, but didnít play as well in between. He turned 23 mid-season so next year will be his show me season. And Perdomo has left the organization.

Traded for, but not on the top 30

Julian Merryweather and Jacob Waguespack look like four A, sixth starter types, although the Jays did just add Waguespack to the 40 man roster. David Paulino is ticketed for the bullpen. Forrest Wall, somewhat like Espinal, hasnít done enough to claim a place. Demi Orimoloye came over late and the Jays didnít get a chance to have a look at him. Chad Spanberger seems like a first base type who has been eclipsed by Ryan Noda.


Among those who some might be surprised to not be on the list are Cal Stevenson who hit really well after being drafted this year. Many college bats hit the ground running until they get to Lansing, or sometimes Dunedin. If Stevenson passes the Lansing test, he should be on the list next season.

Yennsy Diaz made great progress this year at a young age but is he rotation or bullpen bound? The Jays added him to their 40 man roster so they are hopeful he can start. Diaz pitched well for Lansing but was less effective in Dunedin. He pitched this year at age 21. Maximo Castillo also had a good season but he doesnít throw hard, that seems to be a requirement these days.