Opening Day, Minor League style

Thursday, April 04 2019 @ 10:25 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

The minor leagues get going today on four fronts. Buffalo, New Hampshire and Dunedin start at home, while Lansing start on the road. Dunedin's home game is asterisk worthy as Dunedin stadium is being renovated so the Jays will play their home games at the Phillies old home in Clearwater. Because of conflicts at the "new" stadium, with other college and HS teams, the D-Jays will play a handful of their home games on the road this year. Buffalo play this afternoon, all others tonight.

Todays starters are Jacob Waguespack, Patrick Murphy, Nate Pearson (assumed) and Josh Winckowski.

The Buffalo rotation is a work in process but seems to be Waguespack, Morimando, Paulino, SRF and Romano. Conor Fisk had been named a starter before SRF came back to town so I assume its him, and not Romano, that goes back to the bullpen.

Enjoy the minor league season everyone.