Trade Deadline Frenzy!

Wednesday, July 03 2019 @ 12:00 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

I know, it's four weeks away.

But why not? Like there's anything else to look forward to with this bunch? Besides Cavan Biggio inserting himself into the Rookie-of-the-Year discussion? Not the young Jays infielder we were expecting it from, but there ya go.

There are chips the team could conceivably cash in for something else, something that might - might - be useful down the road. Some of those chips might actually be worth holding onto, but most should, and probably will, be cashed in.

Justin Smoak - You take whatever you can get. He's a free agent when the season's done. Also, clearing Smoak off the roster would give Tellez a chance to be a full time first baseman and see if he's up to the task. It also gives Teoscar Hernandez a chance to be a full time DH. Teoscar's best chance of becoming a useful major leaguer is turning into Edwin Encarnacion-lite, and Edwin didn't become Edwin until they stopped asking him to do stuff on the field that he wasn't capable of doing. Like wear a glove, and field a position. Which is where Hernandez is at right now.

Freddy Galvis - I think you have to take what you can get. The team has an option on Galvis for next year, and Bo Bichette may not be ready for Prime Time four weeks from now. But Galvis will be 30 in November and he's unlikely to be a part of the next good Toronto team.

Eric Sogard - I think you have to take what you can get. Which won't be much. But he looks to me like a 33 year old having a good and flukey season. He definitely won't be part of the next good Toronto team.

Aaron Sanchez - You take whatever you can get - a ride to the airport, a sack of batting practice baseballs. I actually think Sanchez might be fixable, but I don't think the Blue Jays have anyone around who can fix him. Which makes him pretty useless here.

Ken Giles - You take what you can get. Useful relief pitchers grow on trees, although the Blue Jays seem to have a knack for finding ones that have grown up all wrong. Seriously, Derek Law?

Daniel Hudson - You take whatever you can get. Useful relief pitchers grow on trees, I tell you.

Joe Biagini - See Daniel Hudson.

Sam Gaviglio - See Joe Biagini.

David Phelps - See Sam Gaviglio.

Marcus Stroman - This is the tough one - not only is he pretty good, the team controls him for another year and he's expressed willingness to sign an extension. I'd like to know what he had in mind. He's not an ace, and if he's looking to get paid like one, I'd have to stop and think. In Stroman's case - and his alone - it depends on what's being offered.