Getting Close

Thursday, June 18 2020 @ 12:56 AM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

The two sides are getting closer and closer to a deal - I think we will get some baseball this year after all.
EDIT: We have a season! The league has issued an announcement stating that the owners unanimously agreed to launch the campaign after further negotiations with the players failed to result in a new deal.

This sounds very promising and the two sides seem to at last be getting serious about it rather than just proposing pie in the sky stuff.  I expect the players to push for 72 games and in the end it becomes 66 which would work out to 40.7% of a season and that much pay which is the upper end of the owners various proposals.  60 games is 37%.  So what would that mean?
I'm sure there are 101 other ways to do this, but those are the easiest ways that came to mind.  The big challenge will be where to play.  Florida is becoming a hotspot as is a big part of Arizona which doesn't help things.  California is seeing hot spots too as is Texas.  Not good.  Obviously we won't get games in Toronto unless things fully open up which is very unlikely.  Right now Dunedin looks to be in a very hot spot for COVID so the Jays won't want to be there I'd think.  If I was to pick for MLB I'd set it up in Arizona and just make it work there.  As closed in as possible.

FYI: Past proposals were for AL East to play with the NL East, the Centrals to play each other, and the Wests to do the same.  Thus the Jays would face the Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, and Rays as always plus Atlanta, Mets, Washington, Philly and Miami.  Tough for any wildcard slots (outside of being able to beat up on Miami and Baltimore) but it would make for entertaining games.