2021 Center Field Options

Thursday, October 08 2020 @ 02:53 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

So for 2021 what are the Jays CF options? First of a series (hopefully - depends on time). 2020 saw it being Randal Grichuk 48 games, Teoscar Hernandez 7, Davis 5, Biggio 3, Alford 2 (funny, just 5 times 2 guys in a single game played there). What to do for 2021?

Lets start with guys here...

Alford was let go mid-summer so no point digging into him.

Minor leaguers: a bit tougher as there are few stats this year for Jay minor leaguers (a few played in indy leagues which can be hit or miss for finding stats). I'll list who was at each of the top 3 levels in 2019, then other prospects who might make it in 2021. Ages are the age they will be on July 1st, 2021 None of these guys jump out at me as likely to be in CF on opening day. Wall has a chance, but remote, and more remote is Martin. Rest I'd say are no chance.

Other options... starting with free agents So for free agents there are options, but only Springer and Bradley are worth looking at imo. After that you get corner guys who can cover in a pinch like Hernandez and Grichuk.

Trade options: the hardest part - because who knows who is available and not? Listing the guys who played in CF as regulars this year. Ugh. Not much there. Doubt we'll see a trade. Listed Kiermaier more due to Rays being super-cheap and the lack of other options - in any trade with Tampa I'd be making sure I still had my arms and legs as any deal with them will cost you at least one of those. There are others with lower inning totals in CF in 2020 but that is what the comments section here is for - lets see other players and what you each think it would take to get them. If a guy is pre-arb though I'd figure the cost would be sky high if he is any good.

If the Jays want to upgrade in CF I think Springer is the only real choice with Bradley a weak backup. If the Rays do decide to cut payroll then chase Kiermaier but be careful. Otherwise sticking with what is here is probably (sadly) the best option, hoping Wall is ready or Martin is ready mid-season.