Blue Jays at Kansas City, Apr. 15-18

Thursday, April 15 2021 @ 02:40 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

We don't care
We're driving Cadillacs in our dreams

The KC outfit is a slightly older expansion cousin, having started operations in 1969. Like the Jays, they've managed to win two World Series titles in that history. Why do they irritate me so? Probably because the Jays were the AL contenders they knocked off in the ALCS en route to those two titles. I am not the forgiving sort, it seems.

They're off to a pretty decent start (6-4) despite the fact that only three guys have managed a base hit so far. OK, I exaggerate, but just a little. Perez, Merrifield, and Taylor are hitting .345 between them with 8 of the team's 11 HRs. The rest of them... not so much, a collective .190. Perez, Merrifield, and Taylor have almost exactly half of the team's hits (40 of 81).

Incidentally, "exaggerate" is a word I absolutely can not spell correctly. It's one of the few!  My amusing typos notwithstanding, I've always been pretty good at the whole spelling part of the language. I used to have trouble with "parallel" but I've mastered it, folks. But "exaggerate" - that word gets me every time. I'm always guessing how many g's and how many r's. And I'm always guessing wrong, and end up having to Google it and wait for the correction...

Jays news: Teoscar Hernandez has tested positive for COVID-19. He began feeling symptoms on Monday. He's reportedly  feeling better now, but he's required to quarantine for a minimum of 10 days. Meanwhile, George Springer's quad strain is likely to keep him off the field for another two weeks or thereabouts. Josh Palacios, this is your big opportunity (because Jonathan Davis hasn't exactly seized the moment.)

Matchups? Thought you'd never ask... I've even updated them!

Thu 15 Apr - Kay (---, -.--) vs Junis (0-0, 0.00)
Fri 16 Apr -  RAIN
Sat 17 Apr - Matz (2-0, 1.46) vs Minor (1-0, 4.50)
Sat 17 Apr - Milone (0-0, 1.50) vs Santana (---, -.--)
Sun 18 Apr - Ray (0-1, 3.60) vs Singer (0-2, 6.48)