Yankees at Blue Jays, June 15-17

Monday, June 14 2021 @ 09:57 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

Four games with Boston have created such a huge thread that we'll get this one up Right Away.

The Bombers have been scuffling. They've lost 7 of their last 9. They have what's basically a two-man offense. They've allowed more runs than they've scored.

Yankee Stadium was built in the image of its famous predecessor. Which means it was built for left-handed power. Does this team have left-handed power? They do not. They have Rough Ned Odor. Mike Ford has been DFA'd and switch-hitter Aaron Hicks is out for the season. None of them have been able to crack the Mendoza Line.

They do have two very large, very talented right-handed power hitters in Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, both of whom are notoriously susceptible to injury. Judge, who has missed big chunks of each of the last three seasons, had been healthy enough this year to play in almost every game until this past Sunday when back spasms took him out of the lineup. Stanton played in just 41 games in 2019-20, and he returned from some time on the IL this season a couple of weeks ago. He's gone just 8-40 since his return but he did hit three homers this past week. They also have a Gold Glove second baseman whose won a pair of batting titles in D.J. LeMahieu - of course, this year he's playing first base and he's lost more than 100 points off his BAVG.

But they still have Gerrit Cole, and a pretty strong bullpen headed up by Aroldis Chapman. It's the Yankees. It's never easy.

Tue June 15 - Montgomery (3-1, 3.99) vs Ryu (5-4, 3.34)
Wed June 16 - Cole (7-3, 2.31) vs Stripling (2-3, 4.91)
Thu June 17 - King (0-3, 3.77) vs Zeuch (0-2, 6.75)