Starting Pitching Options

Friday, November 12 2021 @ 09:09 PM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

This is a big one. Who is in the rotation in 2022? We know 3 almost for certain in Berrios, Ryu, and Manoah. But who will be the other 2?

Here in Toronto we have...

Ugh. In house has very limited options - Stripling, Hatch, Kay, and Thornton are at best 5th or 6th starter material right now.  Pearson is a fading hope. 

So what about free agents? * = given a Qualifying Offer.
Phew.  Lots of free agents out there this year.  Might cut the prices down, but also means many teams are looking to resign their guys or want to upgrade.  Could see the Jays waiting until the last minute to sign a 5th starter hoping one of these guys drops their demands to a low dollar amount in late February/early March.  If the owners do a lockout things will get very chaotic for these guys.

Then comes trade candidates.  I'll list a few, but almost anyone is potentially a trade candidate.  Two teams jumped out via and the 3rd via a Morosi tweet.
So lots of things to debate.  3 teams with good trade candidates that the Jays GM must drool over, 18 free agents worth thinking about, and a few in house options for those last 2 rotation slots that are open.  I'd say Ray is #1, then lord knows what is #2.  My gut says the Jays try to get 2 guys signed via free agency if the price is right but will talk with anyone who wants to trade quality pitching as long as the price is right.  The Marlins pitchers are ideal with the 3 years of control, but I'm sure Atkins wouldn't object to a quality arm for just 1 year if the price is low enough.