Batters Box Get Together

Wednesday, April 12 2023 @ 09:45 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

There was a recent suggestion that we hold a Batters Box get together at a game this season. Our bauxites are spread throughout Canada and the world so it is uncertain how many would be able to make it to a Toronto get together. So lets get some expressions of interest.

Please answer the following questions:

1. Would you be interested in attending a get together at, or before, a Blue Jay game?

2. Would you prefer a 7pm weekday game, a 1pm weekday game (June 1), or a weekend game?

3. Do you have a preference between May or June? This assumes July or August would be less likely due to vacations or cottages.

4. Realistically are you very likely to attend, 50/50 or would have to take some actions to get there?

5. Do you have any other suggestions for the get together, date, locations, etc.