Toronto at Houston, April 17-19

Monday, April 17 2023 @ 07:50 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

Back on the road, as the Jays do play 16 of their first 22 games away from home.

Back on the road, as someone thought it would be fun for the Jays to play 16 of their first 22 games away from home.

And after the three games at Enron Memorial against the defending champions of All Baseball, it's off to Yankee Stadium (Version 3.0) for three games with the defending champs of the American League, East Division.

The Astros aren't off to an impressive start, though none of their AL West competitors seem inclined to take advantage. Alex Bregman isn't hitting (yet) and Jose Altuve and Michael Brantley aren't even playing (yet.) Brantley, who was shut down for shoulder surgery last June, is expected back next month, with Altuve to follow a couple (maybe more) weeks after.

One assumes that the Astros will miss their Cy Young winner, who skedaddled off to the bright lights of the big city. After all, starting pitchers who go 18-4, 1.75 only grow on very, very special trees. But we all assumed they would miss Gerrit Cole. And George Springer. And Carlos Correa. The Astros generally get by anyway.

Matchups? OK...

Mon 17 Apr - Gausman (1-1, 1.35) vs Javier(1-0, 4.24)
Tue 18 Apr - Bassitt (1-2, 7.63) vs Urquidy (1-0, 2.35)
Wed 19 Apr - Berrios (1-2, 7.98) vs Garcia (0-2, 7.71)