Movement starting but not here yet

Monday, November 20 2023 @ 01:22 PM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

Well, some players are signing but not many. Yamamoto is officially on the market now which should help push things a bit.

The last big free agent is now officially available. Yoshinobu Yamamoto, he of the lifetime 1.72 ERA in Japan is now able to be signed as he enters into his age 25 season. Yikes. If a 10 year deal for a pitcher ever makes sense, this is the guy - 3 straight years of 170+ IP, ERA's those 3 years of 1.39-1.68-1.16. That is scary good. Bids start at 9 years/$200 mil.

Signed is Nola for 7/$172 mil (Phillies resign), and also Reynaldo Lopez (Atlanta for 3/$30 mil), Lance Lynn to St Louis $10 mil 2024, $1 mil buyout for 2025 option ($11 mil). Lots of minor trades too. Sadly nothing involving the Jays yet. But regardless, we need a new thread as the old one is over 200 comments and getting to be a bit much.

Key dates of Jays transactions in the past...

Obviously many more signings/trades I could've included but that gives an idea of when to expect big moves. Many mid-December so a few weeks left until the big wave hits. But some do come in November and some in January, after January few big names are on the table.

Of note: Donaldson is trying to convince the Jays to sign him. I don't see it happening, even as a plan Z.