Registration Reopens

Thursday, October 02 2014 @ 11:40 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

A few months ago I discussed why we had shut off new member registrations. To recap, the volume of spam member requests were creating a logistical nightmare and were in turn slowing the site. we were receiving hundreds of spam member requests every day and in our system they had to be manually declined one by one.

I am happy to announce that we will reopen registration later today or tomorrow and leave it open until Monday evening. So if you have been waiting to register now is your chance.

There is still a risk that we will think your email address is spam. If you have a dot ca address, or a Rogers or Bell address, you are fine. If you have a gmail, yahoo or hotmail address then you need to be careful. Most spam addresses include random letters and numbers. For batters box their user name is also usually random numbers or letters. If your email is a random collection of letters then you should select a user name that seems to be human, like a name or something Blue Jays related. You can also email roster at battersbox dot ca to confirm.

Please remember our rules relating to user names: Do not pretend to be a major league player or a member of the front office. You have wide latitude to select your user name but impersonation is verboten. You can use "Lawrie fan", or "not the real Brett Lawrie", but not "Brett Lawrie". Keep in mind that you will have the same username as long as you’re a registered user of Batter’s Box – a handle that seems timely and hilarious right now might become very old very fast.

If you have any issues or questions here is an old thread that explains how to setup an account and how to post.

Joe will let us know when we are open.