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It wasn’t a typical time-sharing arrangement, but once in team history the Blue Jays accomplished a rare split of playing time that I imagine is not common in major league history. In one year, the Jays had 3 players each start at least 50 games at a particular position. This has only occurred once in club history and only at one position during that year. What year was this and who were the players involved?
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Speaking of saves...
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All right, let's have a contest. A prediction contest! That's the best kind.
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J. P. Ricciardi was the Blue Jays general manager from 2002 to 2009. In that time...
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 Quick! Without looking it up!
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This isn't our regular "Trivia Challenge" as there is just one question involved and we're out to build an All-Time Team of a certain era of players who suited up for just one team in their careers. You're already ahead of me here, right? Banks at shortstop, Bench catching, Walter Johnson on the mound ....

Well, hold on just a minute there. Here are the rules ... 

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The writers and posters at Batter's Box are among the biggest Blue Jays fans around. But just how well have you all been paying attention over the years, hmm?
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Let's play another round of Batter's Box Trivia. The usual rules -- (1) no looking up answers online or in books; (2) right answers can be confirmed by any roster member or by a link to the page containing that correct answer; (2a) make sure your link to the answer comes AFTER you provide the answer so rule #2 doesn't contradict rule #1; (3) be the first to provide a correct answer to a question and "win" the right to ask the next question (and maybe a cuttlefish, too). Let's get started with a hard one ...

No less than 15 American colleges/universities have sent enough pitchers to the big leagues that their alumni list surpasses a total of 500 career MLB victories. (Sorry, Wake Forest at 499, you don't make the cut until Dave Bush wins his next decision.) Bucknell is probably the biggest surprise at 563, but then Christy Mathewson had 373 of those by hisownself.

However, just three schools have alumni who have combined for at least 1,000 wins ... and in recent years, all three have been better known as college football hotbeds. Name these three schools.

Pitchers and catchers report for our first trivia question today.

The usual rules apply ...


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Welcome to a March edition of our Batter's Box Trivia Challenge!  Normal Trivia Challenge rules apply... first person to give the correct answer (or complete the correct answer) asks the next question...

Our first question is a "Who Am I?"

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I have pointless Blue Jays trivia, if anyone wants to play...
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It's time once again for a Batter's Box Trivia Challenge; let's start with an easy one for GTO baseball fans ...

Only once in the last 50 years has a pitcher picked off at least three runners in the same game -- and he got four, though he took the loss, in extra innings, to a terrible Oakland team in 1977. Name this young lefty, who was in the midst of what would turn out to be his only double-digit wins campaign.

As always, the Bauxite who posts the correct answer first asks the next question. "Correctness" of the answer can be confirmed by any member of the Batter's Box roster or by any Bauxite who includes a link to a corroborating page ...

Fire away!

Okay, there's one good thing about interleague play. It lets me write "National League" in a timely fashion. As always, the Trivia Challenge rules are simple: a question is asked and once someone's answer is confirmed (by someone else) to be correct, they have the right to ask the next question.

There's only one additional request: all questions must be NL-based in some way. Let's get started...
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"Hey, who's up for a Trivia Challenge?," reads the first line of an ancient (in the online world, May 17 of this year is "ancient") thread that has been getting some action here on Batter's Box recently.

So before we go much further and take a trivia thread over the span of a new year, it's time for (what I think is) Batters' Box Trivia Challenge #7!

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The prize on the line here is, of course, a No-Prize and Fifty Million Batter's Box points, redeemable anywhere Batter's Box Points are considered legal tender.

This one is hard unless you cheat. Don't cheat. A wrong guess is better (and more fun) than a correct lousy stinking cheater's right answer.

Ready? ...

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