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Ah, lunch time on Monday, possibly the dreariest time at work except for maybe 9:00 am on Monday. But today we have baseball to cheer us up...

Sadly, the Jays are not broadcasting today's game. If anyone sniffs out a working Indians feed, please share it.

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Three days into Spring Training and already there's a rematch against Koskie's old team. How will the Fightin' Jays fare this time around?

The pitching matchup should be a good one, at least for the first two innings -- according to Saturday's Globe and Mail, we'll be seeing the mighty Roy Halladay up against the equally mighty Johan Santana.

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MLB determined that there was "bad blood" between Toronto and Tampa Bay back in '03, maybe because the Rays thought the Jays were rhyming copycats intent on stealing their cleverly original idea of a black alternate jersey. Since that fateful homestand with its manufactured enmity, well, there has been some halfhearted bad blood.

Sadly, without Victor "My balls, they got a lot of move" Zambrano pitching for Tampa, there's not much of a chance that we'll see a half-dozen hit batsmen, ejections, or a bench-clearing brawl. Or at least we won't see all that started by a perfectly innocent series of wild pitches.

The moment is finally here: the Jays are playing an actual baseball game! Gustavo Chacin is starting for the good guys, and personally I'm hoping that he displays a little more of that magic that we saw at the end of last season.

Start time is listed as 1:05pm. Last time I checked there wasn't a Jays broadcast of the game, but the Twins are running it on their radio network. Internet feeds are supposed to be blacked out, but maybe we'll get lucky and find one that works.

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The new season is almost upon us; the Jays played an inter-squad game yesterday and will play a full-blown Spring Training game against the Twins on Friday, and I am just itching to see and hear some baseball.
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Will they be celebrating in Boston tonight? It's Lowe vs. Marquis in tonight's tilt in St. Louis. Does anybody know who will be on Mike Wilner's pre-pre-game show?
Suppan vs. Martinez tonight at 8 in St. Louis. Anyone know who will be on Mike Wilner's show tonight?
Tonight's game: Morris vs. Schilling. Tradesports gives the Red Sox a 62% chance of winning tonight's game and a 68% chance of winning the Series. What's your take?

Once again, does anyone know if Mike Wilner has a special guest on before tonight's game?
Tonight's game: Woody Williams vs. Tim Wakefield at Fenway. The game starts at 8:00PM. Does anyone know who will be on with Mike Wilner before the game?

If you're in the London, ON area, don't forget about our Beer Club meeting starting at 7:00PM at the Alibi Roadhouse.
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Clemens vs. Suppan tonight at 8:00PM. Which team will get to break Sox fans hearts in the Series?

I'm told by Rob that Mike Wilner is on with Brandon League right now. Hurry up and you could still catch it.
Munro, Morris, Lowe, and Brown are starting in today's games which are as follows:

4:00PM - Munro vs. Morris - Astros Lead Series 3-2
8:00PM - Lowe vs. Brown - Series Tied at 3 each

Does anyone know if Wilner is doing a pre-game show?
There's a great matchup tonight between Jon Lieber and Curt Schilling starting at 7:30PM. Frequent Batter's Box poster Rob informs us that Mike Wilner will him Frankie Cat on his show starting at 7:00PM. A webcast is available at the Fan 590 website.
P. Martinez seeks redemption as the Bosox face the Yankees and Mike Mussina in Game 5 of the Series this afternoon. Boston trails in the series 3 games to one. Tonight the Cards and Astros play Game 5 of their series, with Woody Williams and Brandon Backe starting. The series is tied at 2 games each.
Another doubleheader today:

4:00PM - Marquis vs. Oswalt - Cardinals Lead Series 2-1
8:00PM - Hernandez vs. Lowe - Yankees Lead Series 3-0
A couple of games today:

Cardinals vs. Astros - Suppan vs. Clemens - 4:05 PM EST
Yankees vs. Red Sox - Brown vs. Arroyo - 7:35PM EST

Cards and Yanks each up 2-0.