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While everyone was obsessing over the big boys, the junior teams must have been distracted too. Only Pulaski won, and that in extra innings. Francisco Rosario had another disappointing start.

Buffalo 3 Syracuse 0

Cam Reimers faced Buffalo for the second time this week and fared reasonably well, it can be tricky for a pitcher to face the same team two straight starts. Ryan Lind provided play by play details in yesterdays minor league thread and reportedly Reimers was impressive. Cam's final line looks OK, 6.2 innings, eight hits, two walks and three runs. Three of the hits and two of the runs were allowed in the seventh inning.

The Chiefs' bats were found wanting yesterday. Eric Crozier made his debut for the Chiefs and presumably was pressing against his old teammates, he was 0-3 with a walk and three K's. Howie Clark and Anthony Sanders had two hits each.

Rather than talk about the game, the Chiefs talk about Tosca

New Hampshire 5 Norwich 6

The riddle, wrapped in an enigma, that is Francisco Rosario started yesterday and through two inning he had allowed a couple of hits and no runs. In the third, with one out, Rosario gave up a walk, then back-to-back-to-back home runs, 4-3 Norwich. Rosario conceded two more hits and he was done for the day. That ruined a good start for the Cats where they scored three runs in the first inning. In that first inning Tyrell Godwin walked, Aaron Hill reached on an error, John Hattig doubled and Mikael Jova singled. Norwich and New Hampshire traded runs in the fourth and fifth and Norwich added the eventual winning run in the eighth.

New Hampshire had nine hits. Aaron Hill was 3-5 with a double and two runs scored. Hattig was 2-4 with a double, a run and an RBI.

Dunedin - scheduled off day

Charleston 3 Savannah 4

This game featured seven one run innings. Charleston took a 2-0 lead, Savannah tied it, Charleston took the 3-2 lead, but Savannah tied it and won it in the bottom of the seventh.

Charleston's hitting woes continued, they had five hits. Two of the hits were home runs, Eric Arnold and David Smith doing the honours. Tom Mastny started and was not his usual lights-out self. He allowed three runs over 5.2 innings on eight hits. Eric Rico came on in relief and gave up the winning run on a single and a triple.

Game Story

Staten Island 12 Auburn 3

Staten Island had 14 hits and twelve runs, Auburn eleven hits and three runs, the difference was that Staten Island bunched most of their hits in the fist four innings, the score was 11-1 in the middle of the fourth. Casey McKenzie gave up seven hits and six runs in three innings. Chris Neylan gave up five runs in three innings on five hits.

The hot hitting Adam Lind led the way for the Doubledays, going 3-5, and raising has average to .318. Ryan Klosterman and Jason Armstrong had two hits each.

Game Story

Johnson City 8 Pulaski 9 - in 10 innings

Pulaski were losing 8-5 going to the bottom of the ninth. David Hicks singled, Yuber Rodriguez walked and Nick Thomas drilled a three run home run to tie the game. In the tenth walked and Hicks doubled him home for the win.

The only Pulaski pitcher who did not concede a run, Aaron Tressler got the win. Brian Grant started and pitched 4.1 innings with six hits allowed.

Our Three-Star Selection

Slim pickin's
The 3rd Star: Aaron Hill, three hits
The 2nd Star: Adam Lind, three hits
The 1st Star: Nick Thomas, game tying home run in the ninth


Syracuse were 3-4 on the week and their record now is 50-66. Syracuse are 15 and a half games behind Buffalo
New Hampshire, 4-4 for the week and are 65-50, three games back of Binghamton
Dunedin, were 2-3 for the week and are 23-18 in the second half. Dunedin are in second place, one half game behind Tampa
Charleston were 2-5 for the week and are 21-22 for the second half. Charleston are in fourth place, eight games behind Hickory
Auburn were 5-2 for the week and have started 36-11 to lead their division by thirteen games
Pulaski were 4-2 for the week and have started 28-18 to lead their division by a half game

Combined the Jays minor league teams were 20-20 for the week and their record is 305-243, a .557 winning percentage.
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_Emerald - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 02:19 PM EDT (#44391) #
Francisco Rosario started yesterday, and through two innings she had allowed a couple of hits and no runs

Wow, Rosario is now the best female baseball player in the Jays system! I always knew there would be a gender breakthrough.
_Jordan - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 02:37 PM EDT (#44392) #

Man, that arm surgery really went poorly.
Gerry - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 02:39 PM EDT (#44393) #
_IainS - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 05:15 PM EDT (#44394) #
Gerry, does this mean Rosario will be designated for reassignment?
_Chris H - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 07:58 PM EDT (#44395) #
Well, this may be one of the reasons for Rosario's struggles...COMN.

(being limited by blister problem on his throwing hand)
Mike Green - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 08:29 PM EDT (#44396) #
BBRadio joins the Syracuse-Scranton game already in progress.

It's the bottom of the 4th. The Red Barons have a runner on 1st, with slugger Ryan Howard at the plate. Aquilino Lopez on the mound for the Sky Chiefs. On the first pitch I hear, the runner goes, Howard swings and misses for strike 3 and Guillermo Quiroz guns down the runner for the third out.

It's 5-1 Scranton after 4 (with the only Syracuse run coming on an Eric Crozier homer- welcome to Syracuse!).
Mike Green - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 08:33 PM EDT (#44397) #
Top of 5:

Ed Yarnall started and is still on the mound for the Red Barons. Anton French strikes out swinging. Julius Matos lines a single to left. Howie Clark grounds into a 6-4 fielder's choice leaving a runner on for Eric Crozier. He runs the count to 3-1. Mmm, tasty. Swings and misses on the 3-1 to run the count full. Eric grounds out to second base.

5-1 Scranton after 4 and 1/2.
_Ryan Lind - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 08:36 PM EDT (#44398) #
Where can I get the New Hampshire feed?

The link off theminorsfirst does not work for me.
_DJ - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 08:41 PM EDT (#44399) #
No game tonight, Ryan -'s Eastern League scoreboard doesn't show them playing. COMN.
_Ryan Lind - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 08:45 PM EDT (#44400) #
That's odd.

I chcked earlier and I could have sworn I saw the scoreboard for a New Hampshire game. Hmmm, stupid brain.
Mike Green - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 08:46 PM EDT (#44401) #
Bottom of 5 from Scranton:

Aquilino plunks DH Mark Smith on the 1-0 pitch. Jim Rushford lines out to Sequea at second, who can't get the ball out of his glove to throw out Mark Smith. JP Roberge lines out to Julius Matos at short. Michel Hernandez doubles into left-center to drive in Smith. And I miss the next batter or two. We'll pick it up in the sixth.
Mike Green - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 08:48 PM EDT (#44402) #
Top of 6 from Scranton:

Guillermo Quiroz grounds out to short for the second out. Jorge Sequea strikes out swinging (Yarnall's 5th)

6-1 Scranton after 5 and 1/2.

Ryan Lind, if you'd like to pick up the Syracuse game after the 6th inning, that would be great.
_Ryan Lind - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 08:49 PM EDT (#44403) #
Sure, I'll take over.
Mike Green - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 09:06 PM EDT (#44404) #
Bottom of 6 from Scranton:

Adam Peterson on to pitch for Lopez, who went 2.1 innings, allowing a run on a hit, a walk and a HBP.

Pablo Osuna up. Peterson gets ahead 0-2 and then foul, ball, ball, and Osuna lines a double down the right-field line. Buzz Hanahan up. Ball one and Guillermo Quiroz visits the mound. Ball two, Ball three, and then a strike and a foul. Hanahan lines a hit to right-field on the full count pitch, Osuna to third. Shawn Wooten takes a ball, swings and misses, then takes another ball. Another ball in the dirt runs the count to 3-1 (Quiroz makes a nice block). A ground foul runs the count full again. Low, ball four and the bases are loaded with nobody out for Ryan Howard. Now, Adam if you're trying to challenge yourself, that's a good way to do it. First pitch, swing and a miss. Swing and a miss on a 84 mph off-speed pitch. 0-2 just off the plate outside. Ground ball up the middle. Sequea dives to his right, stops it and flips to Matos, who then unloads for the double play, one run scoring. The announcers comment that Adams would likely have had difficulty getting enough on that throw.
Mark Smith singles infield to drive in another. Jim Rushford lines a ball up the middle right over Peterson's shoulder, runners on first and second. JP Roberge grounds into a 5-4 fielder's choice to end the inning.

8-1 Scranton after 6.

On the out-of-town scoreboard, Dunedin behind Shaun Marcum leads Sarasota 4-0 after 3 innings. Charleston leads Savannah 4-2 after 3 innings. Auburn leads Staten Island 1-0 after 6 innings and Pulaski leads Danville 5-0 after 5.

Late update: Sarasota got to Shaun Marcum; it's now 6-4 Dunedin after 6. Pulaski's lead is now 5-4.
Mike Green - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 09:07 PM EDT (#44405) #
Thanks, Ryan. It's all yours.
_Ryan Lind - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 09:14 PM EDT (#44406) #
Not exactly the greatest game to take over from, as it's already 8-1 Red Barons, but who knows with baseball.

To the seventh inning we go...

Chad Hermansen starts off the inning for Da Chiefs, and he takes the first two pitches for strikes before fouling a couple off. Then, after taking a ball inside, he swings and misses at strike three. Danny Solano is up now. He rips a ball to second, but it's played nicely by JP Roberge. Roberge throws Solano out at first for the second out.

Anton French comes up as the order turns over. His 10-game hitting streak is on the line. French works the count to 2-2 before whiffing at strike three.

3 up, 3 down go the Skychiefs as they get struck out twice by Spike Lundberg.
_Ryan Lind - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 09:22 PM EDT (#44407) #
In the bottom of the inning, Mike Nakamura takes over from Adam Peterson. Did you know that Nakamura is Japanese for "In the Village?"

...The more you know...

Anyways, Michel Hernandez leads off for Scranton and he strikes out on 5 pitches from the deceptive one. As he walks back to the dugout, Jorge Padilla takes to the plate.

Padilla reaches at a couple off-speed pitches (what else?) From Nakamura, and strikes out. Two outs, two K's.

Pablo Ozuna tries his luck against Nakamura. He takes the first pitch for a ball, before fouling two off. Ozuna then reaches for an off-speed pitch and grounds it meekly to first. It sounds like Crozier had some trouble with it at first, but he recovered and tagged out Ozuna. To be honest I'm not sure exactly what happened but the announcers called it a "Good play by Crozier" and that's good enough for me.
_Ryan Lind - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 09:45 PM EDT (#44408) #
Matos hits an infield single to start off the inning, thus setting the table for "Homerun" Howie Clark.

Howie gets ahead 2-1, then fouls a balls off to even the count. Howie fouls off another before flying out to Buzz Hannahan for the first out.

Eric Crozier comes up. He's responsible for the one run that Syracuse has scored, as he launched a solo shot earlier in the game. The count goes 2-2 to Crozier before he takes a ball to fill 'er up. Crozier swings at the next pitch, and ground it to Ryan Howard. Howard tries to throw it to second to start a double play, but he ends up hitting Matos! Matos is okay; he advances to third and Crozier is safe at first on a Fielder's Choice E-3.

So the SkyChiefs have something cooking now. Runners at the corners and one out for Anthony Sanders. Sanders falls behind early, but works the count even at 2-2 before ripping a ball into left field for a basehit. Julius Matos comes home to make it 8-2. Rally cap time!

GQ steps up to the plate and quickly gets ahead 3-0, and Dan Giese begins to warm in the Scranton 'pen. Quiroz fouls off two straight pitches to fill up the count, and then pops it up in foul territory. The ball goes into the stands, but Ryan Howard makes a nice catch reaching in to the stands to dig it out. Announcer: "That's not a play you need to make when you're up 8-2." Hehe.

Jorge Sequea comes up and immidiately drives a pitch off the wall, scoring both Crozier and Sanders with a two-run double. Hooray Jorge!

Chad Hermensan will try to keep it going with a runner in scoring position, and he....does! First-pitch-swinging, Hermansen lines it into the right-center field gap for another double, scoring Sequea. Hey, 8-5 isn't so bad.

That will be the end of Spike Lundberg. He cruised through the last inning, but hit the wall this inning. The error didn't help him out, but those last two balls were scorched by Sequea and Hermy.

Dan Giese takes to the mound to face Danny Solano, who tries to keep it going for Da Chiefs. Geiss throws his first pitch for a called strike, before missing with a couple balls. Solano fouls off a couple and the count remains 2-2. Solano then grounds it to Ozuna at short, who tosses him out.

Through 7 1/2, it's 8-5 Red Barons.
_Ryan Lind - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 09:55 PM EDT (#44409) #
Buzz Hannahan leads off the bottom of the 8th for the Red Barons. It just occured to me that "Red Barons" is an awesome team name.

Jason Kershner takes over on the mound. What happened to this guy? AAA batters are hitting .317 off him. Hannahan doesn't need to get a hit off him, because Kershner gets a hit on him. Er, in other words, Kershner plunks Hannahan to put the leadoff man on.

Shawn Wooten up now. Kershner is scaring me here. He hits the leadoff batter, and then falls behind 3-0 to Wooten. The 3-0 pitch is thrown over the plate for a strike, and then Wooten fouls one off to even the count. The 3-2 pitch is swung on and grounded to Julius Matos at short. Hannahan was going on the pitch, so no double play.

Hannahan is on second now for the next Scranton batter, who grounds out on the first pitch to advance Hannahan to third. Mark Smith takes to the plate, as Kershner tries to get out of the inning after a poor start. Kershner misses with a ball, but then Smith smacks the next one into the outfield for an RBI single. 9-5 Red Barons.

Jim Rushford steps in and again Kershner falls behind 2-0. Rushford swings at the next pitch and pulls the ball to 1B Eric Crozier, who tags the bag for the third out.

Last chance for the Skychiefs, down by 4 with 3 outs to work with.
_Ryan Lind - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 10:05 PM EDT (#44410) #
Anton French leads the inning off for the Skyhiefs against the new Scranton pitcher, Jim Crowell. Okay, so this is French's last chance to extend his hitting streak. He doesn't do it, though. On the 1-0 pitch, he flies out to Jorge Padilla. One out.

Julius Matos up now with 4 hits in the game. He's never had 5 hits in a game before. Matos grounds out to Pablo Ozuna for the second out. It's up to Howie Clark to get on base and extend the game. Clark takes a couple pitches before blooping in a single to keep the Skychiefs alive.

Eric Crozier up now. On the first pitch, a strike, Howie Clark scoots over to second on "defensive indifference." Crozier lines the second pitch into the gap for a stand up double scoring Clark. HA! Take that "defensive indifference!"

PS: Jim Crowell is a lefty, so if you were wondering whether Crozier can hit lefties...

Still, the Skychiefs need three more runs. Anthony Sanders comes up and predictably falls behind 0-2. The next two pitches from Crowell are in the dirt to even the count. The first 2-2 pitch is fouled off, and the second one is inside to load the count. Nice recovery from Sanders. Ah, not enough of a recovery. Sanders swings and misses at the 3-2 pitch to end the game.

Final Score: 9-6 Red Barons. Too little, too late for Syracuse.
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