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Earlier today we have heard from John Hattig who the Blue Jays acquired for Terry Adams. Now it is time to hear from the newest Blue Jay, Eric Crozier, who the Blue Jays acquired for Josh Phelps. Ed Gonser has once again provided speedy access to our minor league players. Last week Ed brought us the initial reaction to the trade. Now he has chatted with Eric Crozier, upon his arrival in Syracuse.

Thanks Ed.

Ed: When Buffalo Bisons manager Marty Brown informed you of the trade what was your first reaction.
Eric: It really caught me by surprise. I was shocked. I don't know much about trades in baseball because I've been with the Indians my whole career and since the deadline was gone the thought of being traded kind of disappeared. When I was told I was kind of speechless. I'm leaving a lot of good friends behind.

Ed: The trade has its good and bad news for you. On one hand it looks like you'll get a shot with the Blue Jays in September but on the other hand until then you go from the best team in the International League to the team with the worst record.
Eric: I think things happen for a reason. It will be a blessing if (I get called up to Toronto). We all play this game not to be in the minor leagues our whole careers. We want to pursue the dream of being a major league ballplayer. If that opportunity is present then I'm all for it.
Ed: What do think about being Carlos Delgado's possible replacement next year.
Eric: Delgado is a wonderful player and I don't know much about what's going on (Delgado's contract situation). I just know he's another guy that has been with one organization his whole career so I'm pretty sure he would love to stay. I just know what the television says. It would be nice but I'd like to get up there and talk to him and see what he thinks. He's a wonderful hitter and I had a chance to see what he can do when he was rehabbing (in a game against Buffalo on July 4th when Delgado went deep to the tune of 475 feet.) The things that he does are phenomenal so just to talk to him would be a wonderful opportunity.
Ed: It is a little weird the way things work out that you did get to play against him in that game and now may be his future replacement.
Eric: Ya, I got to see what a big league hitter looks like and just to watch him was wonderful. It would be something (to play on the same team as Delgado) it really would.
Ed: How about the temper flare up between you and Tally Haines in Buffalo last week.
Eric (chuckling): I think that was all the emotions of the game. He's competitive and I'm very competitive as well. Anytime that you play the game hard those kind of things (hit by a pitch) can happen.
Ed: You must know every crack in the highway between Buffalo, Syracuse and Scranton by now.
(the last seven games and the next for Crozier has either played in those three cities.)
Eric: It was dark and cloudy the whole time we (Buffalo) were there (Scranton). Scranton didn't treat me too well, to go back there for four more games I'm! But we'll get through it.
Ed: I had talked to a few of your former teammates Saturday and all of them say it's going to be weird to see you on the Syracuse bench.
Eric: I told Brandon Phillips last night, why don't you guys just leave. Just get away from me. It's just a thing when you've been with a core group of guys all season long to look at them on the other team it's a little weird. We only have a couple more games of this nightmare (playing against Buffalo and not being a part of the Bisons team) and then we'll go on.
Ed: How emotional do you think it will be for you in the three-game series back in Buffalo at the end of the month.
Eric: Another statement I made to Phillips was that, you know the fans boo us (Bisons) at home (Dunn Tire Park) I wonder what they'll do to me now that I'm on the opposing side.
Ed: How have you been received in Syracuse so far.
(Crozier's locker is next to Howie Clark)
Eric: Howie is a good guy to be around. The joy he brings to the clubhouse every day I can see it just from being here one day. He's always happy and very talkative. He said I may get tired of him talking but I doubt that.
Ed: When you were with the Bisons it was my experience in covering them that all the players seemed to very tight knit. This year's edition of the SkyChiefs, despite their record seems to be that way as well. Have you found that to be the case in your limited interactions with your new teammates so far.
Eric: I see a lot of personality among the guys. The togetherness is unreal. Everybody seems to get along. There don't seem to be individual clicks. As soon as I came in the door one by one the different guys that were coming into the locker room were very nice and I really appreciate that. That makes guys transition to a new team a good one.
Ed: In wrapping this up what do you think about the trade itself. You were dealt for Josh Phelps straight up. Do you think that one team got the better deal or do you think it will work out for the Indians and the Blue Jays.
Eric: I see it as future moves. Cleveland has been up front that they wanted a power righthanded hitter. They see that Phelps can be that guy. It was the business side of baseball. It's another thing you look at as well. On one hand you say why was I traded? Was I not good enough for them (Cleveland) but on the other hand you can see the business side and they (GM's) are just looking for the pieces to make their team better for the long run.
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Mike Green - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 04:14 PM EDT (#44383) #
Thanks, Ed for sharing this with us.
_Tassle - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 04:21 PM EDT (#44384) #
Ed, you're awesome man.
_Sister - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 04:33 PM EDT (#44385) #
Is it me or does Eric look like a tank? He looks like an athlete. Having grown up in the era of Senior Smoke (Juan Berenger), David Wells, and John Kruk, I thought baseball players were suppose to like beer and eating (er, maybe I am just thinking about my own ball career). Man, what happened to all the beer loving overweight ball players I knew and loved?
_Matt - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 04:57 PM EDT (#44386) #
Is there one athlete anywhere who thinks things "don't" happen for a reason?
_R Billie - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 05:00 PM EDT (#44387) #
Crozier strikes an impressive figure. Let's hope he can put that muscle to use against major league pitching.

I don't think there's any chance that he's here to replace Delgado. At least not Delgado's (expected) production directly. If Carlos doesn't stay the Jays will be in the market for one or even two bats to cover 1B and DH.
_IainS - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 05:00 PM EDT (#44388) #
I think they developed back problems and gout.
Coach - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 07:36 PM EDT (#44389) #
Great stuff, Ed. Thanks again to you and Gerry for making our already amazing farm system coverage even better.

The trade provides a terrific opportunity for Crozier. He was stuck behind Hafner, with Aubrey coming up fast behind him, and now has a much better chance for a September callup and at least a backup role with the Jays next year. I haven't read or heard many reports of his ability in the outfield, but I'm guessing he's at least as good as Clark, Pond or Berg, and won't be surprised if he's considerably better.
Thomas - Monday, August 09 2004 @ 10:56 PM EDT (#44390) #
Thanks Ed.

I wouldn't be suprised to see Crozier in a Jays uniform in September and beyond, even if the role is unknown at this point.

It's great to hear about what appears to be a great Syracuse clubhouse, even if the season hasn't gone very well.
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.