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As we learned in the most recent All-Davis Hall of Names feature, we've now covered the six most common American surnames in our quest for the best baseball name ... now we move on to #7, and this, with all due respect to Geoffrey Chaucer, is truly "A Miller's Tale."

A total of 81 men named Miller have made it to the bigs as of this writing -- that actually well outpaces the 61 Davises, so I guess statistically you have a better chance of making the bigs if you're a Miller than a Davis, even though the latter is higher up on the most-common American names list -- ah, but no less than nine Davises have made major league All-Star teams, with another pre-All-Star-era player enshrined in Cooperstown, while the Millers have produced no Hall of Famers and just three All-Stars.

Five billion points to the Bauxite who can name all three of those All-Star Millers without clicking through to the full story first; you're on your honor here.

Well, let's clarify ... there's is, sort of anyway, one Miller in Cooperstown ...

... and that's our team's manager, Miller Huggins, who piloted the Cardinals and Yankees to 1,413 wins, and took the pinsriped Bronx boys through the first leg of their dynasty, winning six pennants and three titles. And though Captain Hug was also a fine second baseman for the Cardinals in his day, he will not be a player/manager as this team will only accept players with the surname "Miller."

Did you get the three Miller All-Stars? Well, alphabetically, catcher Damian Miller made the 2002 team with the Diamondbacks (and was also the Miller representative on our recent All-Beer team; shortstop Eddie Miller made seven teams in the eight year span from 1940-47; and RHRP Stu Miller made the '61 team in a season he won 14 and saved 17 for the Giants. Stu actually led the NL in ERA in 1958 and in saves in both '61 and 1963, but only made the midsummer classic the one time.

Anyway, now it's time to meet (and really, what else would we name them?) ...

The Miller High Lifes:
** indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

Manager: Miller Huggins**
Bench/Pitching Coach: Ray Miller (255-297, 1985-86 MIN, 1998-99 BAL)

C Damian Miller* (.264 career hitter with moderate pop)
1B Dots Miller (.263, 177 SB, 1B/2B/SS/3B, 1909-21)
2B Keith A. Miller (.262, 1987-95 NYM, KCR)
SS Eddie Miller* (.238 career hitter known for glove)
3B Otto L. Miller (.272, 1927 SLB, 1930-32 BOS)
LF Charles "Dusty" Miller (.301, 206 SB, 1889-99)
CF Rick Miller (.269, 1000+ hits in 15 years with BOS, CAL)
RF Laurence "Hack" Miller (.322, parts of six seasons, 1916-25)
DH Bing Miller (.311, 116 HR 990 RBI, 1921-36, mostly CF)

Affectionately known as "The Miller Lites"
C L. Otto Miller (.245, 1910-22 BRK)
IF Orlando Miller (1996 HOU starting SS; .269 in 297 career G)
3B/UTIL Bruce Miller (.246, 1973-76 SFG)
OF Ward Miller (.278 for five teams in three leagues, 1909-17)
OF Roy "Doc" Miller (.295, 1910-14)
UTIL Doggie Miller (.267, 1884-96, C played all nine positions)

RHSP Roscoe Miller (23-13 for 1901 DET; 39-45 career)
LHSP Walter "Jake" Miller (60-58, 1924-33, mostly with CLE)
RHSP Wade Miller (58-39 with HOU, 1999-2004)
LHSP Cyclone Miller (10-8 for 1886 PHA, 14-11 career) RHSP Frank Miller (52-66, parts of seven seasons, 1913-23)

BULLPEN CL-RHP Stu Miller* (154 career saves)
RHRP Dyar Miller (23-17, 22 saves, 1975-81)
LHRP Trever Miller (8-9, 6 saves, six teams, 1996-2004)
RHRP Bob J. Miller (42-42, 15 saves)
LHRP Bob L. Miller (69-81, 51 saves)

Let's see -- that's two Bobs, an Otto L. and an L. Otto (who these days would of course be nicknamed "Super Lotto" or "Scratch-off"), not to mention a Cyclone, Roscoe, Doc and Doggie. Then there's Bing, Dusty, Dots and Hack ... no shortage of nicknames for the headline writers covering THIS team to fall back on!

And I'd just like to note that while I was working on early versions of this article, I was more than happy to admit I was working my way though several Miller drafts. That is all.

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Mike Green - Saturday, August 13 2005 @ 11:47 PM EDT (#125490) #
I don't know if I've got the time for this team! When the highlight of your day is when you see Stu Miller warming in the pen, the only consolation is the inevitable "free beer if they lose" promotion.
Mick Doherty - Sunday, August 14 2005 @ 12:26 AM EDT (#125491) #
Mike, if you've got the time, they've got the beer. (That is where you were going with that, right?)
Jim Jacobs - Sunday, August 14 2005 @ 02:04 AM EDT (#125494) #
My contribution to the All Suds Team:

All Suds Team

Clarence Beers- P 1948
Darrell Porter- C 1971-1987
John McGuinness- 1B 1876-1884
Bill Stein- 2B 1972-1985
Billy Lush- 3B 1895-1904
Eddie Miller- SS 1936-1950
Johnny Hopp- OF 1939-1952
Bud Weiser- OF 1915-1916
Tony Brewer- OF 1984
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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.