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Due to some crossed wires, today's series report has been delayed.

In the meantime, here's a photographic summary of last night's game:

"I'm going to throw my first major league pitch."

"And I'm going to try not to hyperventilate."

"I'm not going to yell at anyone for not covering the plate."

"I'm cruisin'."

"I'm gonna get some ribbies."

"I'm very tall."



"I'm stressed out."

"I'm gonna have a meltdown! Eeeeyarrrrrgh!"



"I'm gonna take the walk. Boo that."




"I should've swung at that one."





Feel free to make up your own captions and share them with us.

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CaramonLS - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 02:56 PM EDT (#145991) #
I still think Janssen should have been out of the first inning with no runs.

Hillenbrands throw, if online (what a god awful throw) gets the force at home - then Zaun throws to 1b for the double play.  Hernadez was running so it should have been an easy DP.

I was ragging on Hillenbrand during the chat because with a rookie pitcher making his MLB debut, the defense has to be that much better, especially the guy who was moaning for playing time in the field in the media.  You can't make that mistake.

MatO - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 03:32 PM EDT (#145994) #
It would have been a bang-bang play at home, Mora runs well.  I don't think i've ever seen a 3-2-1 DP in my life.  That would be a tough play for the pitcher who would have to run to 1st and then turn all the way back to home plate to receive the throw.  I think the prudent play would have been to shovel the ball to 1st to get the 2nd out and allow the run to score.
John Northey - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 03:38 PM EDT (#145995) #
I still am surprised to see Hilly in the field as often as he has been.  He hasn't looked good out there and I seriously doubt it will get better.  Use him as an emergency replacement or to give a day off, but did Overbay really need 4 days off (of the field) out of 20?  Meanwhile Troy Glaus has played in the field every game.  I'd think it would make more sense (if you feel Hilly can back up third) that Glaus would've had one of those 4 days off.  Just seems weird to me.

Btw, as far as being in the field making him hit better...
As 1B: 294/350/353 OPS 703
As DH: 313/333/417 OPS 750
As PH: 1 for 1 with 2 RBI's

In 2005...
As 1B: 293/321/489
As 3B: 271/342/407
As DH: 320/383/438
As PH: One walk, one strikeout

I just don't see much point  in giving Hilly that much field time.  He hits just as well when DH'ing as in the field.  His fielding is getting worse.  I just don't see the point.
subculture - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 03:56 PM EDT (#145997) #

Yes, agreed... but Hillenbrand also looked rusty... I'd rather he just back up Glaus, and Hinske back up Overbay at 1st...  I seem to remember last year Hillenbrand making a similarly crappy throw to Zaun..

I think the force at home was not a sure thing, and the DP not even a pipe dream... that ball was hit like a bunt, and even the safe play to 1st base would have been a good play if executed.

I was happy with Jansen's debut, nobody seemed to be able to make good solid contact with his pitches... perhaps late movement and no idea what he was going to throw b/c of his 4 quality pitches.  The Jays defense lost this game, and the offense almost made up for it...  we knew there were going to be games like this....  Bring on the Jenkees!!

Mike Green - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 04:04 PM EDT (#145999) #
MatO, I only listened to parts of last night's game, but I gather that a 3-2-3 would have been impossible because of where the ball was hit, even though Hernandez was running.
CaramonLS - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 04:43 PM EDT (#146001) #
Watching the reply, the out at home with a good, accurate, on target throw for the force would have got Mora, even that terrible limp wristed doosey still almost would have beaten Mora had Zaun been able to reach it.

A right handed catcher chugging up the 1B line, could have probably completeled the 3-2-3 or 3-2-1, because Janssen was pretty good at covering 1B.
MatO - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 04:48 PM EDT (#146002) #
Mike, Hillenbrand was well off the bag fielding a slow chopper with his momentum toward home.  I think even beating someone like Hernandez to 1st would have been tough for him.  In any case Janssen was doing his job and covering the bag and it would have been an easy out.
MatO - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 04:58 PM EDT (#146003) #
CaramonL I don't disagree that he might have got him but it was tough play to make considering Hillenbrand never had a chance to set his feet and the runner from 3rd was fast.  I was shocked when he came home with it since to me it was a high risk play for that point in the game.  In a tie game in the 9th then OK.
jsoh - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 05:16 PM EDT (#146005) #
I was shocked when he came home with it since to me it was a high risk play for that point in the game.

I dunno. First inning of the kid's first major league appearance. Janssen is obviously amped (and overthrowing) and not catching too many breaks.

Hilly probably figures - go home, nail the runner. Keep the DP possibility alive, and get Janssen out without giving up a run. And besides. His momentum was carrying him towards home anyways.

Of course. He ruined all that with an absolutely brutal throw. What did surprise me is that he didnt head more towards home after noticing the ball skitter away.

One thing about the first couple of innings - Janssen wasnt missing any bats whatsoever. Yeah. People weren't getting a lot of wood on the ball, but they weren't missing it either.

Seemed kinda surprising for someone who'd been striking out almost a batter an inning at AAA.

binnister - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 05:49 PM EDT (#146007) #

Jamie Cambell is reporting at his weblog ( that McGowan is being called up & Frasor is being sent down.


HippyGilmore - Friday, April 28 2006 @ 06:01 PM EDT (#146009) #
I don't think Frasor has been as bad as his ERA indicates, but he definitely needs some time to figure things out as I absolutely dread when he comes into games right now. If McGowan looks anything like he did at the end of last year in the bullpen, we could have a new setup man.
Jays take two out of three from the Orioles | 23 comments | Create New Account
The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.