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I'll be honest -- I'm not much of a fisherman. Been out maybe four or five times in my life, mostly for perch on Lake Erie when I was much younger. So when the idea came to do an All-Fish Hall of Names team, I had some misgivings. Most of what I know about fish comes from the menus of fine seafood restaurants.

And did you realize ...

... there has never been a player named "Fish" in all of big league history?

Oh, there are the 24 Fishers and a half-dozen others with "Fish" in the surname somewhere. But never just a simple "Fish." That's okay, though, this team is open to any kind of fish, a list we take from the greatness of The Internets, whereby we simply Googled "types of fish." That took us beyond the off-the-top-of-the-head Tim Salmon and Steve Trout types of players and, with thanks to the greatness that is, to an ocean (literally) of other options ...

That said, I guarantee I missed some obvious ones -- so let us know what they are! Let's see how we did as we meet ....


**indicates Hall of Fame
* indicates All-Star


C Del Rice*
Hit .237, 1945-61; Sam was a HOFer and Jim an All-Star, but Delbert Rice has the letters "eel" in his first name!
1B Sid Bream
Hit .264 with 90 homers from 1983-94 with LAD, PIT, ATL, HOU
2B Frank White*
Hit .255, 1973-90, eight Gold Gloves; 40 Whites have played MLB, including five All-Stars, plus one Hall of Fame Negro League executive.
SS Dickie Thon*
Hit .264 from 1979-93; "thon" is the French word for "tuna."
3B Bobby Sturgeon
Mostly 2B/SS; hit .247 from 1940-42, '46-48 Cubs, Braves
LF Ralph Garr*
Hit .306 with 172 SB, 1968-80 with ATL, CHW, CAL
CF Mickey Rivers*
Hit .295 with 267 SB, 1970-84; .300 in final season with TEX
RF Kevin Bass*
Hit .270 with 118 HR and 151 SB, 1982-95
DH Tim Salmon*
Nicknamed "Kingfish," hit .282 with 299 homers, for 1992-2006 Angels.


C Pop Tate
Seven Tates have played MLB, but none named "Thomas." Pop hit .218, 1885-90
IF George Bone
Mostly SS, hit .302 in 43 AB with 1901 Milwaukee Brewers
OF Jason Lane
Hitting career .245 midway through '07; with HOU since '02; best of six Lanes to play MLB so far.
OF Johnny Gill
Hit.245, 1927-31, '34-36 CLE, WSH, CHC
DH/PH/1B Calvine Pickering
Hit .223 with 14 homers, 1998-2001, '04-05.
UTIL Lip Pike
Hit .321 from 1871-87, mostly an OF, but did everything but pitch and catch.


LHSP Eddie Plank**
326-194, 1901-17
RHSP Dizzy Trout*
170-161, 1939-52, '57
LHSP Vida Blue*
209-161, 1969-86
Dave Burba
115-87, 1990-2004
Howie Pollet*
131-116, 1941-55


CL-RH Horacio Pina
23-23, 28 saves, 1968-74, '78
Lafayette Sharkey "Lave" Winham [SHARK] 3-1, 1902 BRK, 1903 PIT; middle name is only instance of "Shark" in big league annals
RHRP Art Herring
34-38, 13 saves, 1929-34, '39, '44-47
RH-LONG Lee Tunnell
Exactly half of 132 career games were starts, exactly half (66 each) in relief ....
22-28, 1982-87, '89
RH-LONG Galen Cisco
25-26, 1961-69

Casting a few lines ....
For some reason a lot of the marine-named ballplayers were pitchers; where we had to reach to fill out the lineup and bench, there is practically an entire second pitching staff that could do serviceable work ... Among those not making the cut were LHSP Steve Trout (88-92) whose daddy is in the rotation, RHS/RP Harry "Slippery" Eells who had the great nickname, but was just 4-5 for the 1906 Clevland Naps, RHRP Shad Williams, 0-2 in 14 games with 1996-97 Angels (there have been four MLB players nicknamed Shad, but Williams is the only one to actually be given that fish's name) and RHSP Dave Frost (for the Frostfish, of course) who was 16-10 for the 1979 Angels and 33-37 over his career ...

The best of the lot to not make the team is probably LHSP Shawn Estes, an All-Star who won 99 games from 1995-2006, who would have made the team representing the Shawnee darter ("Shawn E.," get it?) ... Farewell, also, to Nate Bump, Frank Snook, Hanson Horsey and Donne Wall as the Atlantic bumper, common snook, horseeye jack and walleye will go unrepresented on this team as well ...

Plenty of fish types go unrepresented here, though ... Among those searched for and returning nothing but empty nets were the smelt, halibut, flounder, hake, scamp, sardine, sailfish, jewfish (Sorry, Sandy Koufax, not gonna happen), dog snapper, barracuda, black crevalle, anchovie, black drum, spotted pleco, gemfish, golden orfe, bowfin, haimara, sábalo, darter, saluda darter, sunfish, crappie, sauger, steelhead, muskie, perch, mackerel, minnow, bonejack, and carp ... Speaking of carp, there have been lots of Carpenters (and one Carpin) to play MLB ball, but nobody with "just" that fishy name ...

Vida wasn't around long enough, and nobody named Blue has ever played for the Florida Marlins, so there is no blue marlin on this team .... Neither is the tarpon represented, but face it, isn't that more of a great groundskeeper's name? (Hey Willy! Roll the Tarpon, it's gonna rain! ...)

So like I said earlier, this is probably missing something obvious ... chip in (cast away!) and let us know the fish type, the player and how this roster can be better!

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Mike Green - Sunday, July 29 2007 @ 12:16 AM EDT (#172215) #
You could use Ed Char(les) at third base.  Alay Sole(r) would be a useful addition to a pitching staff if he had shown that he could pitch...
Matthew E - Sunday, July 29 2007 @ 04:49 PM EDT (#172229) #
Bob Kipper.
Mick Doherty - Monday, July 30 2007 @ 10:21 AM EDT (#172245) #

Happy 50th birthday today to Steve Trout.

That is all.

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The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.