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Bauxites, it's that time of year again ... time for the Batter's Box Roster to reach out through the magic of the Interwebs to recruit new contributors to "Baseball from a Canadian Perspective."

Want to contribute to Batter's Box? Read on ...

What are we looking for? Well, honestly, anything and everything! Writers, photographers, artists, even technical folks -- step right up! We do specifically need an extra individual or two to help with major league coverage and with minor league coverage during the 2008 season, but any kinds of submissions/applications are welcome.

We are looking for everything from one-time contributors (Ever think, "Hey, I have a great ideea for a feature or poll or something"?) to new Roster members running the whole show from backstage.

You may have noticed that a great many "original" Box Roster members -- Williams, Furlong, Burley, Pettapiece, Green, Gizzi, among others -- have "retired" from active duty (though many remain as posting Bauxites) and while we will never "replace" them, we do need to fill those shoes -- er, cleats -- to keep the site going strong. We lose a DiMaggio, we search for a Mantle; we lose a Stieb, we look for a Halladay. Are you that guy?

Just send an e-mail to me at and I will forward it on to the Roster's e-mail list for review. In that e-mail please include:

  • Your full name and your Batter's Box account screen name (if different);
  • What is your current status? (Student? Where? Employed full-time? Doing what?)
  • Specify: what are you offering/applying to do?
  • Attach a writing sample of some sort (or a photograph or art if that is what you do) or a link to something of yours that is online elsewhere, if you prefer;
  • A few lines or a paragraph or two on the following topic(s): what do you like most about Batter's Box? What do you believe most needs improvement at Batter's Box? What do you bring to the table -- er, make that, to the dugout -- to help keep the site moving forward?
  • If you're feeling particularly creative, go to that Roster page and fill out what you think your profile would look like.
  • If you don't want to contribute regularly, but think you have one or two articles in you, you can (as always!) submit them as Pinch-Hits to Pinch-Hit editor Matthew E at

Please Note: All roster members work in strictly volunteer positions. There is NO monetary recompense for contributing to Batter's Box. As outlined in the site's About Us page, "Batter's Box aims to be a place for smart, literate, congenial, well-researched, insightful and original baseball commentary." Can you help us continue to make that happen?